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The Non-Toxic Avengers, Mongol Rally 2010

Oilybits are pleased to be the Main Sponsor of The "Non Toxic Avengers", Mongol Rally 2010 Entrants!

The Non Toxic Avengers are a group of 3 American friends - Jenna Delp, Nick Dale, and Nicholas Supple, who, with the help of Oilybits will become the first team in history to complete the Mongol Rally (London, England to Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia) in a car powered by Waste Vegetable Oil, procured from restaurants and fast food outlets along the route

The Mongol Rally is in aid of charity, and the team will be raising funds for the Mercy Corps, and The Brad Delp Foundation:

  • The Mercy corps is a Mongolian Charity which exists to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities
  • The Brad Delp Foundation is a charity set up by Jenna (Brads Daughter), his family, and friends to honor Brad's memory by awarding music related grants, scholarships and funding for school music programs. For those of you who dont recognise the name, Brad Delp was lead singer of the band 'Boston' and sang that awesome classic "More Than A Feeling" (See YouTube video at foot of page)

The Mongol Rally will leave london on 24th July 2010

Visit the Non Toxic Avengers Website HERE

See Jennas Interview on CBS2 Los Angeles News HERE

Team Advertisement Poster Showing Basic Vehicle

Conversion Check List

Other Support Equipment

3rd July 2010

And so it begins! A 7.30AM arrival in Hammersmith was the beginning of a manic, but productive day. I met Jenna at a house where a friend was kindly storing the car for her, and she then followed me to Pit Start Garage in Acton, where we had booked a bay to convert the car. Everything went completely to plan and 8 hours later, Jenna drove out of the garage on 100% Biodiesel. The next stage of testing is an 1100 Mile drive from London to Inverness and back next weekend with her team mates using Waste Vegetable Oil, if it survives that then i am confident it will survive the trip to Mongolia. After completing the conversion we drove back to Hammersmith on Biodiesel, then to a pub for a pint

18th July 2010

Got a mayday call from the team to say the car was stalling on WVO and the trip to Inverness had been aborted, not good news, but we knew it could be nothing serious. After they had limped it back from Manchester I got under the bonnet and identified the problem to be a blocked engine bay fuel filter, this was removed (quite an effort as it appeared to be the original one - 10 years old!) and replaced with a new one, and the first test run on Jennas self-collected WVO took place. A successful 15 mile drive to Westbury and up to the top of the Westbury White Horse was enough to regain the teams confidence in the conversion, the view from the top proving well worth the effort, the Saxo flew up at 50 mph too, an excellent result, putting it in good stead for the challenges ahead. Note to team - when the engine starts spluttering or the RPM is limited, change the engine bay fuel filter at the soonest opportunity and keep spares!

Jenna also gave me my Team Shirt which made it all worth while, it fits too! what more could i have wished for :-)

24th July 2010

The day weve all been waiting for! I made my way over to Goodwood for a 9AM start to the proceedings. What an excellent day too, the skies were blue and the sun was shining. Baldrick rolled in at about 9.30 with its 3 man crew, and we went around the back to the parking lot where all the cars and other vehicles were being organised. An incredible array of vehicles had been chosen, many of which i am sure will never make it to Mongolia... or back to Britain! 40 Ambulances, a Red Fire Engine, 3 Green Goddesses, and even a 6 Litre Rolls Royce Silver Spur, first owned by Sir Jimmy Saville! What a truly amazing line up. The spirit of adventure was certainly rekindled with fond memories of the grease to greece challenge flooding back, and i just wanted to jump in the Hilux and follow them all the way to Mongolia. Well, certainly something to think about for next year!

Team 'The Non Toxic Avengers', Entering the Goodwood Circiut

The Happy Trio!, Nick 1, Nick 2, and Jenna

The team being interviewed on stage

Team 'Green Man Country Club', in Jimmy Savilles old 1984 Rolls Royce Silver Spur

The 'Twats in Tweed', Love the barbecue guys, excellent idea!

Still going strong, Green Godess Fire Engines

The Finished Article

Baldrick with the Oilybits Hilux

Oilybits Auxillary Fuel Tank (for WVO)

Oilybits Heat Exchanger

Boston - More Than A Feeling

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