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Conical Food Grade LDPE - Polyethylene Tank, 120 Litre

Product Information

Conical, Food Grade, LDPE - Polyethylene Tank

A Conical Bottomed Tank, very popular for producing bio-diesel, Fermenting Beer, and also for the storage of any other liquids or powders that are not chemically agressive to LDPE - Low Density Polyethylene, or the brass insert in the bottom.

Features a 2.25" Brass Thread in the side, which is positioned to accept a 14" Immersion Heater, this port is blanked off by solid moulding, until such time that it is required, then the center can be drilled out with a hole saw enabling the element to be fitted and scrwwed into the thread. It also has a 1"BSP Female threaded bottom outlet, and screwed cap of 4" Internal Diameter, which can be made air-tight for protection against fumes by means of cutting a rubber gasket. The tank is also available without the 2.25" Threaded Insert.

If you need to breach the side of the tank to fit additional process equipment then you will also find Brass Cylinder Flanges, Steel Bulkhead Connectors, and Polypropylene Flanged Connections with Backnut useful

These tanks also feature a flat section in the tank wall to ease the installation of additional process equipment

If you wish to drill a hole in this tank for fitting an Immersion Heater or other fittings, then see our section on Hole Saw Sets. A 64/65mm hole will be required to fit a standard 2.25"BSP Immersion Heater

Made in England!

Height 860 mm
Diameter 585 mm (Will accept a horizontally mounted heating device of 18")
Mounting Ring Diameter 530 mm
Actual Conical Length 470 mm
Top Entry Diameter 100 mm
Bottom Outlet Fitting 1" BSP Female Threaded
Side Fitting 2.25"BSP Female Threaded (Requires drilling - through)
Weight 7Kg
Material FOOD GRADE, Opaque Virgin LDPE
Capacity 120 Litres

Product Options:

Spare - Screw Cap (£8.33)
Tank With 2.25" Blank Port (£97.71)

Product Code: CO005


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