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350 Micron Scale Filter for Shower Hoses
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350 Micron Scale Filter for Shower Hoses

Unique to Oilybits as we make them, these smart little filters fit on the outlet of your shower or tap and filter out any particles of sediment or scale that come through.

Created by the boss who had tried Carbon Filters / Resin Cartridges / Electronic Wave Treatment, to find that none of these made any difference and he was unblocking his shower head every 2 days, this filter has genuinely stopped this from happening period, the filter element being finer than the jets in the shower head, eliminating blockage.

The filter will prevent:

  • Blocking of the shower head jets with scale formed in an electric shower boiler
  • Poor shower head performance due to restricted flow caused by blocking of the shower head
  • Scalding or chilling due to flow restriction and subsequent erratic performance of the boiler caused by thermal safety devices

The filters come with 316 Stainless Steel (Rust Proof) fittings which screw onto a standard male 1/2"BSP shower outlet fitting, and then into a standard Female 1/2"BSP shower hose end, no other fittings are required

Supplied with a spool of PTFE tape to ensure leak free joints.

The kit is for user-assembly because with wall- mounted electric showers, the outlet is very close to the wall and so each piece is screwed on in turn, with the bowl and filter element removed from the filter head. Once the kit is tight and orientated correctly the element is inserted, the bowl screwed on and the system can be used.

Regular emptying is vital or the filter itself will clog leading to performance problems, we find that cleaning weekly is a good practise.

Shown Below, Scale Taken from Filter after 1 weeks use for 2 people in hard water area, this would otherwise have blocked the shower head many times over:

Shown Below, Filter attached to the outlet of a power shower, also showing scale collected through clear bowl:

When replacing elements in filter housings with screw-on bowls we always recommend the use of Silicon O Ring Grease to aid tightening of the bowl, preventing pinching & scuffing and thus prolonging the life of the O Ring

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