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Atkinson Tankmaster, 4-in-1 Sight Gauge

Product Information

Atkinson Tankmaster, 4-in-1 Sight Gauge

A brilliant piece of kit which has stood the test of time, the design having remained virtually unchanged for approximately 40 years

Available with white UPVC support shield, or Aluminum for extra stability

Tank fitting extensions are available in 3.5", 6.25", and 7.25", with 1" BSP Male Tank fitting & Lock-Nut. See Product Options

Made in England

The Atkinson Tankmaster comprises the following features;

  • PVC Sight Gauge
  • Pull-To-Read valve to isolate flow into tube during rest
  • On/Off Handwheel
  • Eutectic Solder Firevalve built into handwheel
  • 10mm Brass Compression Fitting Outlet
  • 52 Micron Nylon Filter (Replaceable)
  • Reversible body for left or right hand exit of compression fitting
  • Standoff Clip for mounting top of tube to top of tank
  • 1/2" BSP Male Tank / Extension Fitting
Wetted Components
Valve Body Mazac
Pull-To-Read Valve Brass
Springs Stainless Steel
Tank Union Aluminium
Tank Union Piston Brass
Sight Tube PVC
Sight Tube Tail Aluminium
Compression Olive Brass
Compression Nut Brass
Filter Nylon
Filter Bowl Bright Zinc-Plated Mild Steel
Filter Bowl Stem Mild Steel
Filter Bowl Bolt Bright Zinc-Plated Mild Steel
Filter Bowl Bolt Seal Nylon
O'Rings Throughout NBR

Below: Optional Service Kit:

  • Filter Element & Seals
  • Body Seals
  • Tube Nipple
  • Top Cap
  • 2m Sight Tube

Below: Optional Tankmaster Series 1 (Long Bowl), to Tankmaster Series 2 (Short Bowl) Conversion Kit:

  • Series 2 Filter Element & Seals
  • Body Seals
  • Filter Bowl
  • Filter Bowl Bolt
  • Tube Nipple
  • Top Cap
  • Nut & Olive

Below: Optional Service & Upgrade Kit (both of above in one kit):

Download Atkinson Tankmaster Instructions PDFDownload Atkinson Tankmaster Instructions PDF

Product Options:

3.5 Inch Extension Only (£3.55)
6.25 Inch Extension Only (£4.65)
7.25 Inch Extension Only (£4.75)
Replacement Filter Kit (£3.60)
Replacement O Ring Kit (£3.50)
Spare - Filter Bowl (£3.85)
Spare - Handwheel (£3.95)
Spare - PTR Valve (£4.70)
Spare - Service & Upgrade Kit (£21.00)
Spare - Service Kit (£6.95)
Spare - Tank Union (£6.20)
Spare - Upgrade Kit (£14.80)
Tankmaster Body Only (£29.70)
Tankmaster C/W 10ft Tube Alu (£52.25)
Tankmaster C/W 4ft6 Tube Alu (£44.65)
Tankmaster C/W 4ft6 Tube UPVC (£43.65)
Tankmaster C/W 5ft Tube UPVC (£44.65)
Tankmaster C/W 6ft Tube Alu (£46.05)
Tankmaster C/W 8ft Tube Alu (£49.15)
Tankmaster C/W 9ft Tube Alu (£50.86)

Product Code: CG003


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