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Oilybits WVO / SVO Heat Exchanger Hose
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Oilybits WVO, SVO, or Oil Heat Exchanger Hose

Following extensive research into Heat Exchangers and having tried a few ourselves (including heated filters, plate heat exchangers and Heat Exchange Hoses like these), we have put together these excellent kits, with Aluminium Fuel Tube, and EPDM Coolant Hose

To see a video of this heat exchanger installed on a Landrover Defender, please scroll to the bottom....

Features / Benefits:

  • Simple to install
  • Simple to service or repair in the field
  • Extremely Versatile, can be cut to any length and bent around obstacles without special tools
  • Wide oil flow path, enables high flow even whilst coolant is still heating

Components Included:

The advantage of a Heat Exchange Hose is that, apart from the space occupied by the capillary, its coolant path is full bore along its length, therefore if your vehicle has a weak coolant pump, then it will not cause a restriction which would otherwise prevent it from heating oil effectively, unlike plate type heat exchangers which create a lot of resistance due to their narrow flow path

Designed for use in vehicles to heat fuel prior to it entering the fuel pump, the hose can be used to completely replace the entire fuel line from your fuel tank/s to your engine (ideal for protecting them from in-transit freezing in extreme conditions), or be used on a twin tank system downstream of a Pollak Fuel Tank Selector Valve to heat both Diesel and WVO/SVO/Bio Diesel to make both fuels thinner, thus more readily combustible, and increase your fuel efficiency, it will also prolong the life of your injectors which can fail if fuel if oil of too high a viscosity is pumped into them.

Our own experience of using this system on a 1.9 Peugeot XLD Saloon (Non Turbo) was that we attained 50 mpg on Diesel or WVO - 10% above the maximum efficiency stated by the manufacturer!

The Oilybits Heat Exchange Hose is flexible enough to bend lightly through your chassis from tank to engine due to the internal fuel pipe being made from Aluminium, once in position, the tubes are cut to the desired length, the ends are terminated by tees, and a silicone reducing bush which enables the 3/8"OD Aluminium Tube to exit the end of the 3/4" Nylon Tee. The hose ends are held on to the inserts by High Torque Hose Clamps - not Jubilee Clips which could damage hoses and strip their own drive threads during installation, leading to loosening and leaks after installation. Such leaks would be impossible to cure in the field without replacement clamps

The Oilybits Heat Exchange Hose is supplied with coolant by fitting inline to your heater matrix coolant supply hose (usually 3/4"/19mm ID) or other permanently flowing coolant hose, as close to the exit from the engine as possible. Once the Heat Exchange Hose is flooded, the coolant flows around the Aluminium innner pipe running through the entire length of the hose, and heat is rapidly conducted through the Aluminium Tube wall heating the fuel inside it. The temperature of your coolant is likely to be around 85 celcius or higher, therefore ample to warm the fuel to the optimum temperature of 70+ celcius for combustion. When using on a twin tank Vegetable Oil System starting on Diesel, once your engine has reached its normal operating temperature - shown by the temperature gauge displaying "Normal" or with the needle in the green band, you can then (by means of a Fuel Selector Valve) select the Vegetable Oil source, automatically isolating the diesel line. You may find it useful to install a Pipe Clamp Thermometer to display the temperature of the Heat Exchange Hose, as some in-car temperature gauges only display temperature in green and red bands, not by degrees celcius

Hose reducing adaptors are available to reduce 3/8"ID (10mm) Fuel Hose to 5/16"OD (8mm) HERE

Hose reducing adaptors are available to reduce 3/4"ID (19mm) Coolant Hose to 5/8"OD (16mm) HERE

Additional lengths of EPDM Coolant Hose (per 1m) are available HERE or in the options below

Steel Spiral Reinforced, Clear PU Lined PVC, WVO / Bio Diesel hose in 3/8"ID (10mm) and 5/16"OD (8mm) is available HERE

Insulation jacket for the coolant hose can be found in the options below, this should be slid over the coolant hose during assembly to avoid splitting it

Coolant Tube Inner Diameter19.0 mm
Coolant Tube Outer Diameter27.5 mm
Coolant Tube MaterialBlack EPDM, Cloth Reinforced, 110 Celcius Max Temp
Oil Tube Inner Diameter8.00 mm
Oil Tube Outer Diameter9.52 mm
Oil Tube MaterialAN6 3/8"OD Aluminium Motorsport Fuel Pipe
Reducing Sleeve MaterialMotorsport Grade Silicone, 5mm Wall Thickness, 180 Celcius Max Temp
Tee MaterialFood Grade Nylon 66, 110 Celcius Max Temp
Active PercentageEntire hose is heated throughout
LengthVarious - Trim to final size
Oil Inlet / Outlet FittingsAN6 3/8"OD Aluminium Motorsport Fuel Pipe - Pushes directly into 3/8"ID Fuel Hose
Coolant Inlet / Outlet FittingsNylon Hose Tails for 3/4" (19 mm) ID Coolant Hose
Maximum Assembly Pressure5 Bar / 70 PSI (Suitable for all vehicle coolant systems)
Maximum Assembly Temperature110 Celcius
High Torque Clamps Included2x 20-22mm (Silicone Reducer to Steel Tube) 2x 29-31mm (Silicone Reducer to Tee) 4x 26-28mm (Coolant Hose to Tee)

Fittings detail

Showing 3/8"/10mmID Steel Reinforced PU Lined PVC Fuel Tube attached (not included)

We recommend using a mild solution of washing up liquid & water to aid the slipping of hose over the hose tails and the passing of the Stainless Tube through the Silicone reducer. If you need to make tight bends then a budget 10mm pipe bender will facilitate this, these can be found in the product options below

We are also able to supply the same exchanger with a 10mmOD Nylon capillary (7mmID), this is obviously much more flexible but does not conduct the heat so well, a longer length exchanger may therefore be required to gain the required level of heat transfer. Please email if Nylon is required, price is the same as the Aluminium version

To monitor the temperature of the coolant in the Heat Exchanger we recommend the use of a Pipe Clamp Thermomer (not included)

To see how this heat exchaner is installed please view the following video.... particularly useful if you are converting a Landrover Defender, but the principle is the same for all vehicles

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