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Oilybits Biodiesel Processor Kits, 60 and 120 Litre

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Oilybits Biodiesel Processor Kits

To watch our short assembly video of this kit please scroll down to the movie at the bottom....

Currently available in 60 Litre and 120 Litre, This component form kit provides the basic requirements of a Bio Diesel Processing System

By following our Advice, and using an Oilybits Processor Kit,featuring its Water Misting, Bubble Drying and 1 Micron Filtration System, you can achieve EN14214 or very close to it in a domestic environment and without a significant cost outlay. Dont take our word for it, see the "Biodiesel Sample Test Report" below, from one of our customers who owns our "Basic Processor", note the comment at the bottom from the test house - "One of the best samples analysed from a small scale producer"!


STAND - The kit is not supplied with a stand for the tank, we recommend customers build a low cost stand from timber or "Galvanised Slotted Angle" to make best use of the space they have available.

VENTILATION - When bubble drying, it is recommended that the top cap be unscrewed to allow vapour out, which must not build up in the surrounding atmosphere, vapor extraction can be assisted by means of a 100mm extractor fan and aluminium duct. Ventilation equipment can be found HERE

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE - NEVER leave plastic tank reactors unattended and ALWAYS isolate power to the entire system when you are not present. If your reactor leaks, runs dry, or the element is switched on accidentally, then the tank will melt and pose a fire risk. Always keep a fire extinguisher to hand around the processor. To see what can happen to an unattended processor that is accidentally switched on CLICK HERE




The kit is supplied with our unique 16-Element Static Mixer, which will ensure a completely homogenous 100% mix of the ingredients going through it, leading to a far greater purity of fuel over standard "slosh" or "velocity" mixing, a Static Mixer can best be described as a rod onto which 16 small propellors are welded, so the liquid is churned over and over as it goes past each propellor. The system also features a branch upstream of the pump, into which Methoxide can be drawn by the suction of the pump. By adjusting the valves to the Methoxide and Vegetable Oil Inlets, the mixture can be controlled so that the Methoxide is never "neat" in the system, and this thereby reduces the risk of a flammable or excessively corrosive mixture being present in the Processor

The Kit is supplied with a High Accuracy Thermometer with 50mm Thermowell, which measures the temperatures inside the pipework, as the biodiesel is pumped through. the Thermometer measure 0-120c, and so is good for both the reaction, and the dryign stage where a temperatue of 90-105c is recommended.

The kit is supplied with an Oilybits Misting Kit which will enable water washing of the raw bio diesel after the Glycerol has been drained, by connecting the mister to a standard 1/2"ID Garden Hose

The kit is supplied with a 1 Micron Particle Filter at its outlet, which can then be conected to post-production purification equipment if necessary, such as an Ion Exchange Resin Tower, Eco2pure Tower, Filter, or a simple Dispensing Nozzle (None of which are included with this kit)

The kit is supplied with a 3kw Incoloy Sheathed Immersion Heater which offers a far greater chemical resistance to Biodiesel, than standard copper immersion heaters.

The kit is supplied with an air inlet with adjustment valve for airflow, and an Air Pump to bubble-dry your fuel, purging your WVO or Biodiesel of Water and or Methanol. To make drying more efficient we also supply our own range of Dessicant Vessels to remove moisture from the air before it enters the biodiesel.

The kit is not supplied with any formal instructions, but is supplied "loosely screwed together", and with a schematic diagram so that the assembler can see how it all needs to be connected, which is as per the photograph in this listing. Instructions on how to make biodiesel can always be found on our website and are regularly updated, instructions on how to make biodiesel can be found HERE

In summary, our kit includes the following components:

Tools Required:

To complete assembly, you will need a selection of tools, including an adjustable spanner, knife, and screwdriver, and the following more specific items which we can supply if required:

Upgrade Options:

The optional accessories below are available if required for additional safety:

Oilybits 16 Amp, 230vAC Level Control Switch

Download Oilybits Level Control Switch - Installation Instructions PDFDownload Oilybits Level Control Switch - Installation Instructions PDF

Oilybits 16 Amp, 230vAC Immersion Element Installation Kit

Watch the Oilybits Biodiesel Processor Assembly Video!

Download Oilybits, 120L Basic Reactor Schematic PDFDownload Oilybits, 120L Basic Reactor Schematic PDF

Download Oilybits, 60L Basic Reactor Schematic PDFDownload Oilybits, 60L Basic Reactor Schematic PDF

Download Oilybits, Biodiesel Processor Safety Notice PDFDownload Oilybits, Biodiesel Processor Safety Notice PDF

Download Oilybits, Biodiesel Sample Test Report PDFDownload Oilybits, Biodiesel Sample Test Report PDF

Product Options:

120 Litre Tank Capacity (£418.50)
60 Litre Tank Capacity (£397.50)
Upgrade - Armaflex (£8.83)

Product Code: OILR243


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