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Dessicant Vessels, for Moisture Removal from Air

Product Information

Dessicant Vessels, for Removing Moisture from Air

Available in 5", 10" (Shown in pictures), 20", and 20"XL. The bigger the vessel, the more water they will absorb, prolonging the service interval.

Unique to Oilybits, these dessicant vessels are designed for removing moisture from air or gases, to prevent contamination of substances downstream. The vessels are supplied with an internal distribution system, which effectively channels passing air / gases through a body of Activated Alumina Spheres, these Spheres are Micro-Porous, and will rapidly absorb up to 17% of their own weight in moisture from the air / gas passing through them. The Spheres can be dried in an oven at 200c to regenerate them for re-use. To determine when they are dry, weigh the Spheres before baking, and then weigh them again after baking, once they no longer lose weight, they are dry.

These vessels are particularly useful for biodiesel producers, who bubble-dry their feedstock and biodiesel to remove methanol, and water. In the case of Water removal, dry air absorbs more water from the feedstock /  biodiesel without adding water when the moisture potential reaches very low levels. In the case of methanol removal, by using dry air to drive it out, the methanol can be condensed and reused, without being contaminated with Water from the air.

The service interval of the vessel will depend on the level of saturation of the air, if you are bubble drying at 0 Celcius, then there is very little moisture in the air, however, if you are bubble drying at 30 Celcius, then 1 cubic meter of air could contain the maximum 30 grams (30ml) of water, subject to local conditions. The service interval of your vessel will therefore depend on its media capacity and the moisture potential of the air.

See chart below for moisture saturation levels of air at different temperatures;

  • Fitted with a clear Polycarbonate bowl so that the condition of the Spheres can be monitored, should the vessel cloud then it can be seen that the media has long since been exhaused and it should be removed and dried - at 200c in an oven, or replaced. Activated Alumina Spheres, can be found HERE
  • Supplied with Hydraulic Push-Fit connections, into which a 50cm length of 8mmOD (5/16") Nylon tubing is inserted into each side. Onto the Nylon tubing you can jubilee clip a standard 8mmID air line hose, OR, replace the air line hose with 8mm nylon throughout.
  • Supplied with wall mounting bracket
  • Supplied with 2x jubilee clips for 8mmID (5/16") air line hose connection

Also available, to determine when the media is exhausted, is a "Moisture Saturation Indicator Module", this fits to the Dessicant Vessel outlet and turns green when moisture starts to come through the Dessicant Vessel. For details on this product click HERE

Replacement "Activated Alumina" Media can be found HERE

Technical Summary
Standard Media Activated Alumina Shperes, capable of absorbing 17% of their own weight in moisture
Inlet / Outlet Fittings Supplied with bushes and hydraulic couplings to 8mmOD
Bowl Material Polycarbonate, Clear
Max Flow To be determined on site by measuing downstream humidity
Max Pressure 65 PSI
Absorbtion Capacity of Various Models
 Vessel Size Media Capacity  Maximum Moisture Absorption
5" 500g 85ml
10" 1000g 170ml
20" 2500g 425ml
20"XL 5000g 850ml

For all filters with screw-on bowls we always recommend the use of Silicon O'Ring Grease to aid tightening of the bowl, preventing pinching & scuffing and thus prolonging the life of the O'Ring

Product Options:

10 Inch Vessel (£41.67)
20 Inch Vessel (£104.17)
5 Inch Vessel (£37.50)

Product Code: 1031BBX403


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