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Eco2pure, Biodiesel Dry Wash Media 15kg
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Eco2pure Biodiesel Dry Wash Media

Kiln Dried, and supplied in a 15 kg airtight sack.

Eco2Pure is a unique cellulose (Hardwood Sawdust) based, natural and sustainable composition of adsorbent materials, specifically formulated for biodiesel purification from any feedstock.

Eco2Pure's composition is designed to optimise purification efficiency and contamination removal, combined with increased flow over alternative media types. Eco2Pure is designed to be a filter-free wash process with no consumables in the wash stage. Each kilogram of Eco2Pure is capable of purifying between 400-500 litres of biodiesel, making it the lowest cost drywash biodiesel purification method in existence today

Eco2Pure removes soaps, catalyst traces, and glycerol, however, Eco2pure WILL NOT REMOVE Saturated Methanol (greater than 2%) or Water (greater than 1%).

To remove saturated methanol you can either Water-Wash, or Bubble Dry the methanol from your biodiesel. If you opt for bubble drying, then after passing through the Eco2Pure, you could then pass through an Ion-Exchange Resin media, such as Purlolite PD206, or Bio-Lite to remove any traces of Methanol that the bubble drying did not remove, OR pass through a Polishing Pot, which will remove traces of any water present, but not methanol. The level of purity you wish to achieve is up to you, for many home-brew producers, passing crude biodiesel through Eco2pure, followed by a Polishing pot is adequate, and will produce a very high quality fuel, albeit with slightly high levels of methanol.

Eco2pure's ability to remove small quantities of methanol (<2%) and water (<1%) is not granted by the Hardwood Sawdust, but by the addition of small white beads of 4A Zeolite - A "Molecular Sieve" material, and Quartz, approximately 1% by volume. 4A Zeolite will absorb @20% of its own weight in methanol and water, and Quartz approximately 17% of its own weight in water. Oilybits can also supply 4A Zeolite and Activated Alumina balls which could be mixed with the Eco2pure to increase its water and methanol absorbing properties, or used in a seperate tower downstream of the Eco2pure, this way each media can be easily swopped out as levels of the different contaminants creep up as rhe media becomes exhausted.

Eco2Pure can be used to replace or compliment your existing purification system whilst allowing for a reduction in overall purification costs. The frequency of re-bedding (replacing the spent media) will depend on the level of impurities in your biodiesel, the amount of biodiesel treated and the size of the Treatment Tower. Loading is fast and simple and once Eco2Pure is loaded, no other intervention is required. Once the Eco2Pure is bedded in the Treatment Tower, it automatically purifies the biodiesel in a single passage of flow

Eco2Pure life performance is determined by the initial starting quality of the base feed-stock and resulting crude bio-diesel. 400-500 litres per Kilo purification rate is based on biodiesel produced from feedstock UCO with less than 5% FFA, Base Moisture Level of less than 1%, and no more than 1300 PPM of soap following glycerol separation. Methanol levels must not be higher than 2% prior to purification

Shown Below - Eco2Pure, a hardwood sawdust based purification media

Download Eco2Pure MSDS PDFDownload Eco2Pure MSDS PDF

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