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FLUX FDM 50 Diaphragm Pumps, 730 lpm
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FLUX Diaphragm Pumps, Type FDM 50

Flux Air operated diaphragm pumps are genuine all rounders for the safe, reliable, and careful (no shearing) transfer of thin to high viscosity products, even with solids in suspension, as well as abrasive, or aearated liquids. Each pump model is available in different versions because of a great variety of possible material combinations of the wetted component parts

A Pressure Controller with Filter & Speed Regulator is also available, you will need these to ensure that you do not over pressurise or contaminate your pump. If you purchase with the pump then the pump will arrive with the device fitted ready for use

  • Self Priming, even from dry
  • Variable delivery rates, by simply adjusting air pressure to the pump
  • No need of bypass control
  • No leakage risk, due to absence of shaft seal
  • Pumps are submersible
  • Unbalanced air valve design eliminates stalling
  • Ideal for use in hazardous areas
  • No overloading, pump will stop in case of closed outlet
  • Suitable for dry operation
Flow Rate (Max) 525 lpm (Plastic), 730 lpm (Metal)
Operating Pressure 8 bar
Max Particle Size 6.4 mm
Suction Head Dry 6.0 m
Suction Head Wet 7.6 m
Pump Suction Side G 2" Female
Pump Delivery Side G 2" Female
Air Inlet 1/2" NPT Female (Plastic), 3/4" NPT Female (Metal)
Material Options
Part Number Pump Housing Diaphragm & Seals Weight Max Temperature (C)
M50 40 010 PP Santoprene 24.0 kg 60
M50 40 100 PP PTFE 24.0 kg 60
M50 40 000 PP CR (Neoprene) 24.0 kg 60
M50 60 000 PVDF PTFE   90
M50 10 300 Aluminium PTFE   90
M50 10 200 Aluminium Geolast (PE/NBR)    
M50 20 300 Stainless Steel PTFE   90
M50 30 200 Cast Iron Geolast (PE/NBR) 60.0 kg  
M50 30 300 Cast Iron PTFE 60.0 kg  
M50 10 400 Aluminium Geolast (PE/NBR)    
M50 30 400 Stainless Steel Geolast (PE/NBR)    
M50 20 400 Cast Iron Santoprene (PP/EPDM) 60.0 kg 100

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