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FLUX RFML 10 Diaphragm Pumps, 30 lpm, ATEX Approved
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FLUX Air Operated Diaphragm Pump, TYPE RFML 10

Available in either Polypropylene or PTFE, to suit a wide range of materials

Electrically conductive, ATEX approved for use in hazardous areas and with certain flammable liquids


  • ATEX - 94/9/EC-ATEX100a, Ex II 2 G cp IIB X, PTB Reg No: 04 ATEX D102

A Pressure Controller with Filter & Speed Regulator is also available, you will need these to ensure that you do not over pressurise or contaminate your pump. If you purchase with the pump then the pump will arrive with the device fitted ready for use

Flow Rate (Max) 30 lpm
Operating Pressure 7 Bar
Suction Head (Dry) 2-3 m
Suction Head (wet) 8 m
Max Particle Size 4 mm
Pump Suction Side 3/8" BSP Female
Pump Delivery Side 3/8" BSP Female
Air Inlet 1/8" BSP Female
Air Outlet 1/8" BSP Female
Material Options
Part Number Pump Housing Diaphragm / Ball Seal Weight
D10 41 010 PP (Conductive) NBR NBR 3.0 kg
D10 41 120 PP (Conductive) PTFE FFKM (PTFE) 3.0 kg
D10 41 130 PP (Conductive) PTFE EPDM 3.0 kg
D10 41 140 PP (Conductive) PTFE FKM (Viton) 3.0 kg
D10 41 210 PP (Conductive) EPDM EPDM 3.0 kg
D10 41 310 PP (Conductive) FKM (Viton) FKM (Viton) 3.0 kg
D10 01 120 PTFE (Conductive) PTFE FFKM (PTFE) 5.0 kg
D10 01 130 PTFE (Conductive) PTFE EPDM 5.0 kg
D10 01 140 PTFE (Conductive) PTFE FKM (Viton) 5.0 kg
D10 01 210 PTFE (Conductive) EPDM EPDM 5.0 kg
D10 01 310 PTFE (Conductive) FKM (Viton) FKM (Viton) 5.0 kg

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