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Hannay Static Grounding Reel, Enamelled Steel
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Hannay Static Grounding Reel, Enamelled Steel

  • These reels bond and/or ground aircraft, fuel trucks, and other equipment
  • Provide smooth operation and require minimum cable pull
  • Declutching arbor and adjustable guide arm with cable guide
  • Optional stainless steel construction of spool, frame, and ratchet system available on HGR Series
  • Standard finish is oven-cured enamel
  • Cable guide arm of cast aluminum and ZA-12 aluminum zinc alloy
  • Also available, manual rewind version

Cable Features:

  • Plastic Coated Galvaised Steel, 1/8" OD
  • 100 amp Alligator Clamp
  • Optional; cable “Y” branch
  • Optional; cable in Stainless Steel, 1/8" OD

Series GR / HGR:

  • Sealed spring is a good economical choice that’s compact and lightweight.

Series HGR:

  • A non-sparking ratchet assembly.
  • Reels are repairable and parts are readily available.
  • Supplied with 18" long grounding strap with eyelet connectors on both ends.
Models Available
Model Number with full capacity of cable (-**)Cable Capacity (ft. / m.)Weight (Kg.)
GR75Empty Reel5
GR75-3030 / 9 
GR75-4040 / 12 
GR75-5050 / 15 
GR75-7575 / 23 
MGR75Empty Reel5
MGR75-5050 / 15 
MGR75-7575 / 23 
HGR50Empty Reel13
HGR50-4040 / 12 
HGR50-5050 / 15 
HGR50-7575 / 23 
HGR100Empty Reel13
HGR100-7575 / 23 
HGR100-100100 / 30 
HGR100-125125 / 38 
MHGR50Empty Reel9
MHGR50-5050 / 15 
MHGR50-7575 / 23 
MHGR100Empty Reel11
MHGR100-100100 / 30 
MHGR100-125125 / 38 
Commodity Codes
Grounding Reels8479899790

Download Hannay Static Grounding Reel, Painted Steel PDFDownload Hannay Static Grounding Reel, Painted Steel PDF

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