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Hose Insulation, Armaflex Class 0, Premium Quality
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Armaflex Class 0, Hose Insulation

Premium Quality 'Armaflex Class 0' Black Hose Insulation with half split wall - can be fully split to fit around a fitted hose, or not split, and slid over the end of a hose

Armaflex is a flexible, closed cell, elastomeric nitrile rubber insulation. It is a highly efficient method of insulating hot and cold pipework. Armaflex is dust, fibre, and CFC free with an ODP of Zero which means it is an environmentally friendly product

  • Built-In MICROBAN Anti-Microbial Protection Reduces Mould and Bacteria Growth
  • Built-In Vapour Barrier Prevents Condensation
  • Reduce Energy Losses Up to 87%
  • Lightweight and flexible, quick and easy installation with low maintenance requirements, resulting in time and cost savings
  • Excellent resistance to the effects of ozone, oil and chemicals
Wall Thickness13 mm
Cut Length2 m
Maximum Line Temperature105°C
Minimum Line Temperature-40°C
Internal Diameter Conversion
1/4"6.4 mm
3/8"9.5 mm
1/2"12.7 mm
5/8"15.9 mm
3/4"19.0 mm
7/8"22.2 mm
1,1/8"28.6 mm
1,3/8"34.9 mm
1,5/8"41.3 mm
2,1/8"54.0 mm

Download Armaflex Class 0 MSDS PDFDownload Armaflex Class 0 MSDS PDF

Download Armaflex Class 0 Catalogue PDFDownload Armaflex Class 0 Catalogue PDF

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