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Husky 1-GS Automatic Dispensing Nozzle
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Husky 1-GS, Automatic Dispensing Nozzle

The Husky 1GS Diesel Nozzle is the most popular automatic shut off version within the Husky nozzle offering. With its higher flow rate, it is designed for the clean and quick refuelling of vehicles with larger tanks, as well as agricultural and plant machinery. Like the other Husky fuel nozzles, the 1GS has an integrated device known as the Flo-stop®, which shuts off the fuel flow when the spout is raised above the horizontal or falls out the tank.

This durable Husky nozzle is fully constructed of aluminium and has the great design feature of the sensing port being positioned behind the spout end. This means that even after excessive use it does not get worn; the most common cause of nuisance click offs.

Another added benefit of this fuel nozzle is its anti-air lock feature. This allows for the simple and easy priming of the pump without having to remove the fuel pump nozzle from the end of the hose. 

Due to the spout size of this nozzle being in excess of 15/16", this nozzle is only suitable for HGV's or other vehicles which do not have a conventional diesel-car sized filler point

An automatic shut-off nozzle can only be used on pumped dispensing systems, they will not work on gravity-fed dispensing systems

  • Patented Flo-stop® device
  • Durable die cast aluminium body with full scuff guard
  • Sensing port behind spout to prevent click offs
  • Anti-air lock feature for easy priming of pump
  • Integrated hook for hanging nozzle without a holster
  • Replacement spout kits available on request

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Manual / Automatic Automatic
Min Back-Pressure Required 0.5 Bar / 7.25 PSI
Inlet 1" BSP Female
Swivel Included Y/N Optional - See Options Below
Spout Diameter 1 1/8"
Trigger Catch Yes
Min Flowrate 25 lpm
Max Flowrate 100 lpm
Max Pressure  
Wetted Components
Body Aluminium
Spout Aluminium
Seals Viton
Springs Stainless Steel
Main Stem Stainless Steel
Valve Seat Acetyl
Diaphragm Viton
Bearings Stainless Steel
Venturi Inlet Acetyl
Swivel NA
Husky Part Number Description Swivel Included?
045738-04 Husky 1-GS High Flow Nozzle No
045738-04-SW Husky 1-GS High Flow Nozzle Yes, 1"BSP Female
696238-04 Husky 1-GS Nozzle No
696238-04-SW Husky 1-GS Nozzle Yes, 1"BSP Female
HU-8862 Husky Stream-Shaper Spout Assembly, for 15/16" Spout Husky X-Mate and 1-GS Nozzles  

Download Husky 1-GS Features PDFDownload Husky 1-GS Features PDF

Download Husky 1-GS Automatic Dispensing Nozzle - Technical Spec PDFDownload Husky 1-GS Automatic Dispensing Nozzle - Technical Spec PDF

Download Husky 1-GS Automatic Dispensing Nozzle - Instructions PDFDownload Husky 1-GS Automatic Dispensing Nozzle - Instructions PDF

Download Husky ISO Certificate PDFDownload Husky ISO Certificate PDF

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