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HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer, ATP Test System
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HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer, ATP Test System

The HY-LiTE® test system provides an easy-to-use, rapid and reliable method to assess the quality of cleaning processes in food and beverages production plants. It quantitatively measures ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate), which can be found in all biological residues, by specific reaction with a luciferin / luciferase reagent in a buffered solution. The emitted bioluminescence is detected by the HY-LiTE® luminometer. Opinion leaders consider the detection of ATP a tried and tested method for cleanliness monitoring according to the HACCP concept applied widely within the food industry.

HY-LiTE® is available in formats for the testing of surfaces, process water such as cooling water as well as diesel and kerosene fuels, and Jet-A1 / Jet-A. It provides quantitative results that can be printed or documented on a PC, and it is compliant with DIN 10124.

  • Fast: The result is available directly, so that corrective measures can be initiated immediately, where necessary.
  • Mobile: The HY-LiTE® luminometer is an analytical instrument that is easy to operate and independent of laboratory equipment. The built-in temperature compensation feature is designed to ensure accurate results.
  • Reliable: The system’s HY-LiTE® pen, a ready prepared cuvette plus stick for sample taking, makes use of an integrated dilution step, unlike similar products from other manufacturers. Thus, results are more reliable because false results owing to residual disinfectants are prevented.

HY-LiTE® 2 can be used for a wide variety of applications:

  • Surface monitoring
  • CIP water testing
  • Hygiene monitoring
  • Fuel testing
  • Metal working fluids
  • Biocide efficacy testing
  • Paint testing
  • Quality assurance
  • E-Coat testing

Our HY-LiTE® test system provides you with many benefits:

  • Fast and convenient operation
  • Fully HACCP enabled and able to load your full HACCP plans onto the instrument
  • Full user history for easy operation and record-keeping
  • No annual calibration required
  • Compressed gas adaptor
  • Fail-safe design
  • Integrated temperature compensation for repeatable results

Manufactured in Germany.

Consumables and accessories for the HY-LiTE® test system
ProductDescriptionPack ContentsPart NumberPacked W&D
HY-LiTE 2 LuminometerLuminometer complete with accessories, for portable use (powered by batteries) in food and drink production to monitor hygenic status according to HACCP requitements in a rapid and reliable way.1 Luminometer13010011 x 13 x 28 cm
HY-LiTE Refill PackReady prepared pens to test the cleanliness / hygiene of surfaces in food & drink industry, by measuring with the HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer.100 Test Pens130101 
HY-LiTE PensReady prepared pens to test the cleanliness / hygiene of liquids (CIP rinse water) in food & drink industry, or to test biomass in water treatment application, by measuring with the HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer.50 Test Pens130102 
HY-LiTE Hygiene Swab 50 Swabs130103 
HY-LiTE Replacement Printer Paper RollReplacement paper rolls for HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer internal printer.5 Rolls130110 
HY-LiTE 2 Power Supply UnitMains power supply unit for the HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer.1 Power Supply Unit130115 
HY-LiTE Free ATP PensReady prepared pens for applications like biomass monitoring in biocide water treatment, by measuring with the HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer.50 Test Pens130194 
HY-LiTE ATP Standard 1.0 ng/mlATP Reagent, PH 11.71 Bottle130195 
HY-LiTE Jet-A1 PensReady prepared pens for detection of total biological contamination of Jet-A1 / Jet-A fuel as used in civil aviation. The HY-LiTE Jet-A1 fuel test reagent kit is used in conjunction with the HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer.
20 Test Pens13019616 x 18 x 7 cm, 1Kg
HY-LiTE Plus ATP TestFor Industrial Microbiology20 Test Pens130895 
Specifications of the HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer
Dimensions, weight11 x 13 x 28 cm (W x H x D)
ApplicationPrimarily for the assessment of cleaning procedures in food production environments.
The HY-LiTE® 2 system may only be used with HY-LiTE® pens.
Display of resultsDisplay of the light intensity (from bioluminescence) in relative light units.
Working rangeLinear: 0 – 99.000 RLU, Logarithmic: 0 – 5.00 log 10 RLU
Self-checksAn automatic self-check against a built-in standard reference light source is performed when the instrument is switched on.
Automatic correction of the background signal is performed before each measurement.
Automatic temperature compensation is performed during each measurement. 
Data handlingOptimum usage of the memory capacity due to intelligent data handling:
Over 2000 measurement results can be stored together with their complete data records (measurement result / date / time / test site / user / pass-fail interpretation). Unused memory capacity is displayed.
Test modesHACCP Plan, Test & Store, Test Only.
DisplayGraphic LCD display with 14 lines and adjustable contrast.
Control buttons1 on / off button and 4 function buttons.
Ambient conditionsMeasurements at 5 – 35 °C and 5 – 95% air humidity. When moving the instrument from a cold to a moist, warm environment, the development of condensation must be prevented. Measurements should be performed with the system in a horizontal position: the height of the front and rear edges should not differ by more than 5 cm.
ConnectionsTwo serial RS232 interfaces for data transfer between system and a computer. One low-voltage socket for the HY-LiTE® power supply unit. One ROM key port.
Mains operationThe HY-LiTE® 2 can be connected to the mains in nearly any country in the world with the HY-LiTE® 2 power supply and 4 mains adapters delivered as standard accessories.
Portable operationRecommended batteries: 4 normal, sealed 1.5 V alkali batteries size Mignon LR6 AA.
Recommended rechargeable batteries: 4 sealed, 1.2 NiCad, size Mignon LR6 AA (charge with any commonly available mains battery charger).
Technical revisionsChanges to the HY-LiTE® 2 system in compliance with technical progress reserved.
ApprovalsCE TÜV GS UL

Download HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer - Brochure PDFDownload 130100, HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer - Brochure PDF

Download HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer - Full User Guide PDFDownload 130100, HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer - Full User Guide PDF

Download HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer Pens - Brief User Guide PDFDownload 130100, HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer Pens - Brief User Guide PDF

Download HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer Pens - Package Insert (Full User Guide) PDFDownload 130100, HY-LiTE 2 Luminometer Pens - Package Insert (Full User Guide) PDF

Download 130101 - Brochure PDFDownload 130101, HY-LiTE Refill Pack - Brochure PDF

Download 130101 - MSDS PDFDownload 130101, HY-LiTE Refill Pack - MSDS PDF

Download 130102 - Brochure PDFDownload 130102, HY-LiTE Pens - Brochure PDF

Download 130102 - MSDS PDFDownload 130102, HY-LiTE Pens - MSDS PDF

Download 130194 - Brochure PDFDownload 130194, HY-LiTE Free ATP Pens - Brochure PDF

Download 130194 - MSDS PDFDownload 130194, HY-LiTE Free ATP Pens - MSDS PDF

Download 130195 - MSDS PDFDownload 130195, HY-LiTE ATP Standard 1.0 ng/ml Reagent - MSDS PDF

Download 130196 - Brochure PDFDownload 130196, HY-LiTE Jet-A1 Pens - Brochure PDF

Download 130196 - MSDS PDFDownload 130196, HY-LiTE Jet-A1 Pens - MSDS PDF

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