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Hydrometers for Jet-A1 and Avgas 100 LL
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Hydrometers for Jet-A1 and Avgas 100 LL

Quality, British manufactured Hydrometers for testing the Density & Specific Gravity of Jet-A1 or Avgas 100 LL, to assess fuel conformance

The Hydrometers are calibrated for use at ISA mean sea level temperature of 15°c, if you are testing fuel at temperatures above or below 15°c then the SG will be different.

All hydrometers are supplied with a factory issued Certificate of Confirmity, at no extra cost.

S.G of common fuels at 15°c
  • Made in accordance with BS718 with a scale basis of Density (g/ml) at 15°c
  • Low surface tension only
  • Scale interval of 0.600 to 1.100
  • Also available in 20c
  • Max length 270mm - Span 0.05
  • Divisions 0.001 Tolerance ± 0.0006

Certification available at extra cost; UKAS Calibration Certificate.

Options Available (M50SP Range)
RangeLengthMaximum DiameterSuitable For
0.600/0.650 g/ml270 mm24 mm 
0.650/0.700 g/ml270 mm24 mm 
0.700/0.750 g/ml270 mm24 mmAvgas, Petrol
0.750/0.800 g/ml270 mm24 mmIlluminating Paraffin, Kerosene
0.775.0.825 g/ml270 mm24 mmJet-A, Jet-A1
0.800/0.850 g/ml270 mm24 mmDiesel
0.850/0.900 g/ml270 mm24 mm 
0.900/.0950 g/ml270 mm24 mm 
0.950/1.000 g/ml270 mm24 mm 
1.000/1.050 g/ml270 mm24 mm 
1.050/1.100 g/ml270 mm24 mm 
Options Available (Universal Range)
0.700/2.000 g/ml (Universal)130 mm10 mm

Download Hydrometers - BS718 Petroleum PDFDownload Hydrometers - BS718 Petroleum PDF

Download Hydrometers - General PDFDownload Hydrometers - General PDF

Download Hydrometers - Example UKAS Calibration Certificate PDFDownload Hydrometers - Example UKAS Calibration Certificate PDF

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