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Malleable / Black Iron, EN1256, Locknut / Backnut, Fig.310
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Malleable / Black Iron, EN1256, Locknut / Backnut, Fig.310

The high quality of these castings and the precision finish ensure these fittings comply with ISO and EN (European Norms) and BS standards for Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings.

  • Full-bore banded-reinforcement (around female outlets), conforms to BS 143 & BS 1256:1986 which is equivalent to ISO 49 and DIN 2950. ISO 49:1983 is the international standard for “Malleable Cast Iron fittings threaded to ISO 7/1”.
  • Internal and external jointing threads conforming to BS 21 (ISO R7 /1). The internal thread is cylindrical (parallel) and the external thread is tapered, in ratio of 1:16.
  • Full clear bore and a high factor of safety over stated working pressures.
  • Dimensions comply with dimensions and tolerances stated in BS 143 & BS 1256 and ISO 49 and EN 10242.
  • Manufactured from ASTM A-197 and ASTM A47
  • Working Pressure;
  •   25 Bar at -30°c to +120°c
  •   20 Bar at +120°c to +300°c

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