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Oilybits Black Diesel Filtration System
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Oilybits Black Diesel Filtration System

This top quality filtration system is designed for filtering particles and water from Waste Motor Oils - WMO. WMO can be used to create a product called Black Diesel when mixed in either of the following recipes;

  • 50% WMO, 50% Diesel
  • 70% WMO, 30% Diesel, 30ml Acetone per 20L, and 30ml "Diesel Injector & Fuel system Cleaner" per 20L. We recommend "Red-Ex Diesel" for this.
  • As above but substituting Diesel with Petrol, and using only 10-15% with 85-90% WMO, and 30ml Acetone per 20L, and 30ml "Diesel Injector & Fuel system Cleaner" per 20L. We recommend "Red-Ex Diesel" for this.

The mixing process (using the recipe that we have trialled so far, with total success);

  • Pour 70% WMO into a metal drum, via 200 micron strainer bag supplied with kit
  • Add 30% Diesel
  • Add 30ml Red-Ex Diesel Injector Cleaner
  • Add 30ml Acetone
  • Stir
  • Filter through Oilybits Black Diesel Filtration System

We have so far recieved feedback from users on the following vehicles, please let us know if you have any personal experience of other vehicles so we can add it to the list;

Customer Feedback
No.Vehicle/sRunning SinceNotes
1Peugeot 306 Estate2012
Starts better than on Biodiesel

Engine Runs Normally

More Power, takes hills in higher gear than before

Smokey - Blue Smoke after first 500 miles, no other problems
Ford Transit 2.5L

Mitsubish Pajero (Shogun) 2.8TD
50,000 Miles Covered

WMO freezes in winter, adds 5% Petrol to winterize it

Both vehicles run 'better' than on Diesel

Passes MOT emissions test no problem

5MPH Increase in speed on given road, indicating more power


  • If your vehicle has an optical fuel sensor, then you may not be able to use Black Diesel. The optical fuel sensor monitors fuel quality by reflecting light through the fuel, as Black Diesel is not transparent, the sensor identifies this as bad fuel, and activates warning lamps, or puts the vehicle into limp mode
  • Black Diesel cannot be mixed with vegetable oil or Biodiesel - it may cause polymerisation, leading to "pisting ring gumming" and engine failure, any vehicle that has been running on biodiesel or vegetable oil must be run until it stalls, then flushed through with diesel to eliminate vegetable oil or biodiesel residues from the tank and fuel lines
  • You will have to experiment with which recipe your vehicle runs best on, we cannot guarantee it will work at all, or if it does, how well it will run, or how long your engine will last, we are only providing the hardware to filter WMO and a bit of background knowledge on the process of producing Black Diesel, which we have learned from our american cousins

Black Diesel is an alternative fuel to Diesel, and most common rail diesel engines can run on it

Black Diesel has a much higher calorific value than Diesel, and so users can expect much greater MPG, sometimes up to 30% depending on the vehicle. WMO burns at greater temperatures than Diesel and when used with a "Fuel System & Injector Cleaner" such as Redex, this ensures a cleaner burn. The use of Acetone also helps to suspend any water or condensation that might be in the oil, and carry it through the engine without it causing harm, Acetone will also help to increase the cetane rating of the fuel

The objective of adding diesel or petrol to WMO is to thin it, so that it is closer in viscosity to diesel. Obviously you will never get the same viscosity when using diesel with WMO, however you may get the same or a closer viscosity if you substitute diesel with petrol or add both diesel and petrol to the mix, as petrol is thinner than diesel

This system filters WMO to 0.5 Microns, as well as removing any free water. It does this in stages from 5 Microns, to 0.5 Microns, then Removes Water. The water is removed by a Water Block Filter. Our filtration system begins with 5 Microns, because in the engine the oil is routinely filtered through a 10 micron filter, so particles greater than 9 microns will unlikely be present, the only area these can come from is the catch pan (sump) where sediment and metal fragments can settle, but these will all be removed by the 5 Micron filter too. The system is provided with a 200 micron strainer bag to strain the WMO as you pour it into the mixing vessel, this is necessary as the high pressure pump cannot handle large abrasive partlces, and this protects the pump from damage

The kit is supplied with a high pressure gear pump, which is the only pump capable of pumping thick oil through the 0.5 micron filter. DC Pumps are supplied with a Piusi Viscomat 120/1, and 230vAC Pumps are supplied with a Piusi Viscomat 200/2

The kit is available in 12vDC, 24vDC, and 230vAC50Hz

The flow rate of all pumps is 10 Litres Per Minute MAXIMUM, and will drop as the filters begin to clog, 5 & 0.5 Micron filters are available HERE, Goldenrod Water & Particle Filters are available HERE

Bigger systems are available, we can price according to your requirements. We are able to provide systems capable of purifying up to 100 Litres Per Minute


Black Diesel is not a Bio-Fuel and so unfortunately is not covered by the 2500 mile annual personal allowance for Biofuels. Black Diesel is classed as a ‘Fuel Substitute’ and therefore duty is applicable at the rate that it would be on the fuel which it is substituting. At time of going to press, the fuel Duty rate for Diesel is £0.5795 per litre – though even taking this expense into consideration, this still represents a massive saving on Diesel at the current pump price of £1.50 per litre.

To pay duty on your Black Diesel you need to;

If you are PRODUCING BLACK DIESEL TO SELL COMMERCIALLY as a fuel substitute, you first register as a fuel producer (Registering your premises), using HMRC form EX103, downloadable from

If you are NOT Producing Black Diesel to sell commercially, and are producing solely for your own use, on a low scale basis, the you do not need to register as a fuel producer.

Once you have produced your fuel, you must pay the duty on the fuel BEFORE you use it - to do this you need to complete form HO101 to declare your production, and submit payment for duty owed. HO101 is downloadable here

An official response from HMRC on this subject can be downloaded below

Download HMRC Black Diesel Repsonse PDFDownload HMRC Black Diesel Response PDF

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