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Oilybits Fuel Purifier Trolley
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Oilybits Fuel Purifier Trolley

A fully operational fuel purifying trolley produced with a single FP800 Purifiner.

Oilybits Purifiners use the principle of centrfugal force to split water, fuel bug, and particles of dirt from fuels, and separate them so that the waste can be isolated and drained out without the use of filters

The Black Cylinder of the Coalescer is fitted with precision machined baffles, arranged in such a way that the motion of the fuel passing through the baffle plates, generates centrifugal force which forces heavier-than-oil particles out, which then sinks to the bottom of the cylinder from where it an be drained via a tap

A water sensor is fitted to the coalescer to alert to the presence of water, an operator can then drain the water from the system via the tap in the bottom. The sensor is 9vDC (PP3 Battery) powered

Model Nominal Flow (lpm) In/Out Ports Top Port Drain Port Width (mm) Length (mm) Bracket Weight (kg)
800 55 1" BSP 1" BSP 1"BSP Lockable Ball Valve 115 406 Seperate 2.85

Download Oilybits Fuel Purifiner Test Download Oilybits Fuel Purifiner Test PDF

Download Oilybits Fuel Purifiner Trolley Instructions Download Oilybits Fuel Purifiner Trolley Instructions PDF

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