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Oilybits Static Mixers
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Oilybits Static Mixers

A quality product manufactured by Oilybits, our Static Mixers are excellent for ensuring completely homogenous mixing of liquids. Simply pump the mixture into one end at sufficient pressure, and by the time the mixture gets to the other end it will have been mixed completely

The mixing effect is created by a series of opposing flumes, each pair of flumes split the liquid into two streams, then collide the streams, creating a swirling action, it is this colliding and swirling that facilitates effective mixing. The next pair of flumes in the series repeat the process, sheering the swirling mixture, and so on. A standard mixer will have 16 Flumes inside it

Static mixers are excellent for mixing fluids which are agressive or volatile, because they have no moving parts and do not require a power supply of any kind

Model NumberLength between threadsTube ODNominal BoreFlumesInlet FittingOutlet FittingElement MaterialFitting MaterialTube MaterialMax PressureMax Temp
OSM.075MM10"25 mm20 mm163/4" BSP Male3/4" BSP MaleAcetyl (Delrin)PolypropyleneNylon10 Bar60°
OSM.075FF10"25 mm20 mm163/4" BSP Female3/4" BSP FemaleAcetyl (Delrin)PolypropyleneNylon10 Bar60°
OSM.075MF10"25 mm20 mm163/4" BSP Male3/4" BSP FemaleAcetyl (Delrin)PolypropyleneNylon10 Bar60°
OSM.100MM10"25 mm20 mm161" BSP Male1" BSP MaleAcetyl (Delrin)PolypropyleneNylon10 Bar60°
OSM.100FF10"25 mm20 mm161" BSP Female1" BSP FemaleAcetyl (Delrin)PolypropyleneNylon10 Bar60°
OSM.100MF10"25 mm20 mm161" BSP Male1" BSP FemaleAcetyl (Delrin)PolypropyleneNylon10 Bar60°

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