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OMPI, 304 Stainless Spring Rewind Hose Reels
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OMPI, 304 Stainless Spring Rewind Hose Reels

Excellent quality, Stainless Steel Hose Reels with Spring Rewind.

304 Stainless Steel reels are most highly resistant to corrosion and are popular for marine liquid transfer, such as Refuelling, or for Water, or for hosing down of clean areas

Can be fitted to the ground or to a wall, and an optional swivelling bracket enables the reel to point toward the direction that the user is retracting the hose, making it easier to use

The hose roller arm can be rotated through 45 degrees to adjust the direction in which the hose peels off

Hose NOT Included, please select suitable hose from our hose section, or email us for advice on what hose would suit your application, we sell an excellent Non-Marking refuelling hose for marine application, or a Polyeurethane lined hose for resistance to Water, Chemicals, or Bio Diesel products

ModelInlet FittingOutlet FittingMax Capacity 1/2"ID HoseMax Capacity 3/4"ID HoseMax Capacity 1"ID HoseMax PressureReel MaterialWeightDimensionsSuits Swivelling Wall Bracket
37130-3041/2" BSP Male1/2" BSP Male15 m  200 Bar304 Stainless Steel13 kg25W x 50L x 48H cms 
37140-3041/2" BSP Male1/2" BSP Male20 m  200 Bar304 Stainless Steel18 kg28W x 50L x 48H cms 
37142-3041/2" BSP Male1/2" BSP Male35 m  200 Bar304 Stainless Steel26 kg31W x 59L x 60H cms 
37147-3041/2" BSP Male1/2" BSP Male60 m  200 Bar304 Stainless Steel50 kg59W x 59L x 59H cms 
37143-3041" BSP Male3/4" BSP Male 20 m 20 Bar304 Stainless Steel28 kg31W x 59L x 60H cms39605-304
37149-3041" BSP Male3/4" BSP Male 25 m 20 Bar304 Stainless Steel28 kg31W x 59L x 60H cms 
37150-3041" BSP Male1" BSP Male  8 m20 Bar304 Stainless Steel14 kg29W x 50L x 48H cms 
37160-3041" BSP Male1" BSP Male  15 m20 Bar304 Stainless Steel22 kg48W x 50L x 48H cms39602-304
37148-3041" BSP Male1" BSP Male  30 m20 Bar304 Stainless Steel51 kg59W x 59L x 59H cms 

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