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Pipe Clamp Thermometer / Temperature Gauge, 0-120 Celcius

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Pipe Clamp Thermometer

A durable, reliable, and reasonably accurate mechanical pipe-clamp thermometer complete with fixing spring

Due to the sensing face being flat, temperature can be lost between the pipe and the sensor face, if you experience this problem we therefore recommend that you try the following - scrunch up a piece of baking foil into a tight ball about 20mm diameter, then using a flat faced object such as a wooden baton, squash this onto the side of a pipe, what you end up with is a curve which fits the pipe perfectly and a flat spot which will sit nicely up against the sensor face on the dial, aluminium is a fairly good conductor and so the temperature lost between the faces should be less significant, you could also wrap some pipe insulation around the assembly to keep the draft off it it

Range 0° to 120° Celcius
Case Stainless Steel
Window Shatterproof Acrylic
Dial Legend Stoved Enamel on Aluminium
Movement Precision Bi-Metal Spiral
Accuracy Typical ±1.6%, Specified ±2.5%
Min Pipe Diameter 1/2 Inch OD
Max Pipe Diameter 3 Inch OD

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0-120 Celcius (£10.42)

Product Code: BI001


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