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Piston Driven Air Pump
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Piston Operated, Continuous Duty Air Pump

These excellent quality, piston driven air pumps come in a range of sizes, and are suitable for heavy, continuous duty at air flow rates up to 140 litres per minute @ 0 Bar

  • Pumps come complete with 1.5m of cable, 3 pin fused U.K. plug, brass pump connecting tail, 6" of PVC hose (size dependent on model), and 3x Jubilee Clips
  • The case of the pump is made of high-quality ZL102 aluminium alloy with streamline design, making heat-dissipation more effective, this enables the pump to run continuously without having to worry abnout it overheating and stopping during a process
  • The piston and cylinder adopt Sf3, a new type of hard wearing material. This allows a low power consumption relative to the large air output and pressure achieved
  • Non-oil lubricatiing design means the air is oil free and pure
  • Mounted on anti-vibration rubber legs to mitigate noise output. Compared to widely used "compressors" these pumps can almost be described as silent running - they really are so much quieter, and consume less energy as the air is not needlessly compressed to high pressures
Model Air Flow, LPM Voltage Wattage Maximum Pressure Noise dB Weight Size (mm)
PP 208 35 240v50Hz 16 0.015 Mpa (150cm head of water) <50 0.9 Kg 142 x 80 x 78
PP 308 45 240v50Hz 20 0.018 Mpa (180cm head of water) <60 1.2 Kg 159 x 90 x 95
PP 328 60 240v50Hz 60 0.030 Mpa (300cm head of water) <60 2.80 Kg 199 x 108 x 133
PP 388D 80 240v50Hz 80 0.030 Mpa (300cm head of water) <60 3.30 Kg 232 x 120 x 148
PP 009E 140 240v50Hz 120 0.035 Mpa (350cm head of water) <60 5.10 Kg 283 x 147 x 173
PP 300A 250 240v50Hz 190 0.040 Mpa (400cm head of water) <60 6.40 Kg 307 x 156 x 189
PP 500 420 240v50Hz 200 0.045 Mpa (450cm head of water) <60 8.6 Kg 337 x 171 x 202

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