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Piusi K33 Nutating Disc Flow Meter, ATEX Approved
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Piusi K33 Nutating Disc Flow Meters, ATEX Approved

The K33 ATEX approved meter measures the exact quantity of the dispensed diesel, petrol or kerosene in private applications. This meter is reliable, inexpensive, and easy to install and calibrate if necessary. Thanks to their reduced flow resistance, the meters can perform well under gravity flow conditions, as well as pumping installations that are within flammable environments. These flow meters can be installed on either rigid or flexible pipe lines, or directly into a pump or tank.

The meters are listed with seperate part numbers for different flow directions, however, if you wish to change the orientation to either of the other 3 possibilities, then this is simply done by removing the black cover, unscrewing and rotating the counter assembly and then replacing the black cover.

This meter displays 1 Resettable Total, and 1 Non-Resettable Cumulative Total

Wetted Components
Housing Aluminium
Nutating Disc Acetyl (Delrin)
Shaft 316 Stainless Steel
Face Seal Viton
Calibration Screw Brass
Features & Performance
Model Number K33 ATEX
Suitable For Diesel, Biodiesel
Display Mechanical, 3 Digit (2.1)
Power Source None Required
Minimum Flow Rate 20 lpm
Maximum Flow Rate 120 lpm
Accuracy ±1% (User Calibration)
Factory Calibration Yes
User Calibration Yes
Inlet / Outlet Fittings 1" BSP Female
Maximum Operating Pressure 10 bar / 145 PSI
Burst Pressure 30 Bar
Part Number Flow Direction
F00570000 Right to Left
F00570010 Bottom to Top
F00570020 Top to Bottom
F00570030 Left to Right

Download Piusi K33 ATEX - Catalogue Page PDFDownload Piusi K33 ATEX - Catalogue Page PDF

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