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Backer, Screw Plug Immersion Heaters, Incoloy (Stainless)

Product Information

Backer, Screw Plug Immersion Heaters

Stainless Steel (Incoloy) sheathed Immserion Heaters, designed for use in hard water areas as a direct replacement for a copper element in a domestic hot water cylinder

Note - only the heating element is sheathed in Incoloy, the thermostat sheath is Copper and should be treated if it is to be used with liquids which are agressive to Copper

Complete with 2.25" Brass Ring for mounting through a flat surface (access required to inside of tank to fit the ring)

These elements are fully operational throughout their length so they should never be fitted in a position where they are not completely immersed or they may present a fire hazard

use of a Level Control Switch to prevent operation of the heater when the level of liquid is insufficient to cover the element

You may need an immersion heater spanner to install the unit, this is available in the options below

To aid sealing when used with liquids which may permeate the fibre washer supplied as standard, an optional VITON Rubber O'ring is available in the options below

Product Details
Capacity 3.0 kw
Amps 13.1 A
Voltage 230v50Hz
Fixing 2.25" BSP Male, C/W Brass Backnut
Element Lengths Available 11, 14, 18, 23, 27, 30, or 36 Inches
Cable Entry 1x Cable Clamp
Enclosure CE, Not approved for use in hazardous areas
Element 1 Bent Double
Integral Safety Thermostat (Resettable) 40-90°C, Manual Reset (Accessible by removing cover)
Max Pressure Unknown
Fixing Boss Brass, Shot Blasted
Fixing Boss Gasket Fibre (Standard)
Enclosure Galvanised Steel
Element Sheath Incoloy (Stainless Steel)
Thermostat Sheath Copper

Shown Below, VITON O'ring fitted to Immersion Heater - the Immersion Heater has an undercut into which the seal sits securely:

Download Oilybits Level Control Switch - Installation Instructions PDFDownload Oilybits Level Control Switch - Installation Instructions PDF

Product Options:

11 Inch Element (£19.17)
14 Inch Element (£20.83)
18 Inch Element (£22.50)
23 Inch Element (£24.17)
27 Inch Element (£25.83)
30 Inch Element (£27.50)
36 Inch Element (£29.17)
Fitting Kit (£40.42)
Spanner (£3.33)
Viton Seal 2.25 Inch (£2.08)

Product Code: SCR5245


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