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Shell Water Detector Capsules, Box of 80 Caps
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Shell Water Detector Capsules, Box of 80 Caps

The aviation industry's test system of choice, employed over 8 million times a year around the world. Using a syringe fitted with a Shell Water Detector capsule, it only takes a matter of moments to check the fuel at any stage of your delivery system. And these capsules are probably the most cost-effective safety measure you'll ever introduce.

Supplied in boxes, each box containing 8 tubes of 10 capsules per tube (total 80 capsules)

The capsules are used to determine the presence of finely dispersed undissolved water in jet fuel at concentrations lower than normally detectable by visual examination.

1 box of 80 calsules is 110 x 90 x 45mm, 300 gram

NOTE - Unlike gauging pastes, the Shell Water Detector has a shelf life, this is 8 months from date of manufacture.

Available seperately is a reverse-action syringe, this syringe enables single-handed operation, the syringe is used to extract a fuel sample from any part of the fuel system, and then the sample is injected into the Shell Water Detector Capsule.

Shown Below -Reverse Action Syringe:

Shown Below -Reverse Action Syringe Components:

Shown Below -Reverse Action Syringe Operation:

Download Shell Water Detector - Brochure PDFDownload Shell Water Detector - Brochure PDF

Download Shell Water Detector Syringe - Operating Manual PDFDownload Shell Water Detector Syringe - Operating Manual PDF

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