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Spectrum ECP Filter Elements, Pleated Cellulose
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Spectrum ECP Filter Elements, Pleated Cellulose

Pentair Pentek ECP Series Cartridges are manufactured from a special formulation of resin-impregnated cellulose and polyester fibers.

This unique blend of materials provides a higher wet strength than regular cellulose cartridges. It also provides high flow rates and dirt-holding capacity while maintaining extremely low pressure drop.

The media is pleated around a polypropylene core for added strength. The pleated endcaps of the standard cartridges are immersed in a thermo-setting vinyl plastisol. The Big Blue cartridges have a molded endcap with gaskets. The pleated ends are sealed to the endcap with a thermoplastic adhesive. The overlap seam is sonically welded to reduce internal bypass, improving filtration efficiency.

ECP Series Cartridge endcaps feature a color-coding system for easy identification of micron ratings: tan (1 micron), white (5 micron), blue (20 micron), and yellow (50 micron).

ECP Series Cartridges contain more media surface area than most competitive cartridges. The Standard 10" ECP cartridge contains 6 ft2 of media while most cartridges contain only 4.5 ft2. Other available ECP cartridge sizes contain the following amount of media:

  • Standard 10" cartridge: 6 ft2
  • Standard 20" cartridge: 12 ft2
  • BB 10" cartridge: 18 ft2
  • BB 20" cartridge: 36 ft2


  • Replaces Pentek CP and HFCP Series Cartridges
  • Special formulation of resin- impregnated cellulose and polyester fibers
  • Provides higher wet strength than regular cellulose cartridges


  • Filter Media – Cellulose polyester Standard Endcaps – Vinyl plastisol Big Blue Endcaps – Polypropylene
  • Minimal unloading and media migration
  • Nominal 1, 5, 20, 50 micron rating
  • Lengths: 10", 20"
  • Core – Polypropylene
  • Temperature Rating – 40-125oF (4.4-51.7oC)
Options - Standard Diameter
LengthMicron RatingEnd Cap ColourPart Number
10"1 MicronTanECP1-10
10"5 MicronWhiteECP5-10
10"20 MicronBlueECP20-10
10"50 MicronYellowECP50-10
20"1 MicronTanECP1-20
20"5 MicronWhiteECP5-20
20"20 MicronBlueECP20-20
20"50 MicronYellowECP50-20
Options - Wide Diameter
LengthMicron RatingEnd Cap ColourPart Number
10"1 MicronTanECP1-BB
10"5 MicronWhiteECP5-BB
10"20 MicronBlueECP20-BB
10"50 MicronYellowECP50-BB
20"1 MicronTanECP1-20BB
20"5 MicronWhiteECP5-20BB
20"20 MicronBlueECP20-20BB
20"50 MicronYellowECP50-20BB

When replacing elements in filter housings with screw-on bowls we always recommend the use of Silicon O Ring Grease to aid tightening of the bowl, preventing pinching & scuffing and thus prolonging the life of the O Ring

Download Pentair ECP - Datasheet PDFDownload Pentair ECP - Datasheet PDF


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