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Technoton DFM Differential Flow Meter for Engine Fuel Consumption
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Technoton DFM Differential Meters for Engine Fuel Consumption

Excellent quality, Engine Fuel Consumption DIFFERENTIAL Meters, for monitoring engine fuel usage by measuring the ingoing fuel, and deducting the fuel being returned to the tank from the injector pump, particularly useful on diesel vehicles where return fuel lines are common

Suitable for all fuel oils, providing the fuel is clean, can be used with Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene, Heating Oil, all other Petroleum Deriviates, Biodiesel, Vegetable Oil, Fuel Blends, and Fuel Substitutes

Thread on meter body is M14x1.5 Metric Female.

OPTIONAL FITTING KIT: An adaptor kit is available which has fittings to enable connection to 3/8"BSP Male, 3/8"BSP Female, 10mm Tube Compression, and 3/8" (9.53mm) Hose Barb (All in the one kit)

3 Models available to suit various engine fuel consumption rates, rates are based on the FLOW line. Referring to your vehicle manual should give some indication as to the likely flow range required

Meters Available
  Flow Range Starting Flow Minimum Flow Rate Maximum Flow Rate Nominal Bore Accuracy Pulses Per Litre
DFM 100D 10 - 100 LPH 0.5 LPH 2 LPH 100 LPH 6 mm / 1/4" ±1% 200
DFM 250D 25 - 250 LPH 2 LPH 5 LPH 250 LPH 8 mm / 5/16" ±1% 80
DFM 500D 100 - 500 LPH 20 LPH 30 LPH 500 LPH 8 mm / 5/16" ±2% 50
Meter Specification
Operating Temperatures -40 to +85 °c
Voltage 10-50 vDC
IP Rating IP 54
Electrical Connection 15cm lead with plug on DFM meter + 7.5m lead wth plug on one end and bare wires at other to connect to DFMi counter
Output Signal Various, See Above
Min / Max Kinematic Viscosity 1.5-6.0 mm2/Sec / Centistokes
Nominal / Max Pressure 0.2 to 2.5 Bar
Max Particle Tolerance 80 Micron
Fitting Size M14x1.5 Metric Female
Pulse Type Reed Switch
Electronic Display Specification
Model Number DFM i12.5
Operating Temperatures -40 to +60 °c
Voltage 10-50 vDC, Protected up to 100v
Current Consumption 50ma @ 12vDC, 25ma @ 24vDC
IP Rating IP 54
Electrical Connection Bare wires to connect to bare wires of DFM meter extension cable + Power supply
Output Signal None
Dimensions 75mm x 60mm x 30mm
Weight Max 0.3kg

Shown Below, Installation Diagram, Meter Fitted Before Pump (Less Accurate)

Shown Below, Installation Diagram, Meter After Pump (More Accurate)

Shown Below, Optional Fitting Kit. Each DFM Fitting kit contains 4 of EACH item shown below:

For a full, and detailed specification please download the user manual below

Download Technoton DFM i12.5 Counter PDFDownload Technoton DFM i12.5 Counter PDF

Download Technoton DFM 100D Meter PDFDownload Technoton DFM 100D Meter PDF

Download Technoton DFM 250D Meter PDFDownload Technoton DFM 250D Meter PDF

Download Technoton DFM 500D Meter PDFDownload Technoton DFM 500D Meter PDF

Download Technoton DFM & DFMD Installation Manual PDFDownload Technoton DFM & DFMD Installation Manual PDF

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