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Twin Tank Vehicle Conversion Kit
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Oilybits Twin Tank Vehicle Converison Kit

The Oilybits Twin Tank vehicle conversion kit has been featured on ALL of our own conversions, and ALL of our sponsored conversions, these kits have helped our drivers to win rallies to Greece, road tripped to outer Mongolia & Morocco, and enabled the "Biotruck Expedition" bus to drive around the world on nothing but Used Cooking Oil. The success of all of these vehicles pays testament to the prouduct quality.

The kit features everything you need* to convert your vehicle into a twin tank system, thereby running two types of fuel. *The kit does not include a tank, this is because every vehicle is different and a different tank would need to be selected for each appliation, we recommend that our customers buy a speedboat fuel tank of the correct size to suit their boot, these can be found online and are not expensive, they are orange in colour, and generally feature a fuel pickup and return, and sometimes a fuel level sender, which, if desired can also be wired up via the pollak valve.

At the heart of the kit, is our Heat Exchanger, this is heated by hot water from your car heater matrix supply hose, which is pulled from the bulkhead connector and plugged onto the heat exchanger inlet, the return is then fed back to the bulkhead heater matrix inlet, 4No adaptors are supplied to cope with either 3/4"ID car heater hose, or 5/8"ID car heater hose, these are included as there is no way of knowing what the ID of your hose is until your coolant system is drained down and the hose has been cut/disconnected

The way the system works is by passing BOTH fuels through the heat exchanger, starting with Diesel, when the engine heats up and the in-dash temperature gauge shows normal (indicating that the Heat Exchanger is now hot), the valve is switched to the other tank, and UCO begins to flow through the Heat Exchanger and into the engine, at this point there will be no noticeable interruption at all in the fuel supply and this can be done safely whilst driving. Shortly before the end of your drive, the valve is switched back to diesel, and the fuel system downstream of the Pollak Valve will flush through over approximately 5 minutes, the engine can then be shut down

A summary of the kit components is as follows;

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