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Wide Arches, Arch / Fender Flare Kit for 2006-2016 Toyota Hilux mk6 / VIGO
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Wide Arches, Arch / Fender Flare Kit for 2006-2016 Toyota Hilux mk6 / VIGO


Black Fireglass Arch Flare Kit for 2006-2016 Toyota Hilux D/Cab.

in its standard format the front fenders will fit snugly against the bumpers as used on 2006-2008 Hilux, models from 08-16 have a variety of bumpers and the fender will need to be trimmed and filled to fit snugly.

Modifying a Hilux to 35" tyres give the trucks operator a much higher view point, approximately 6" higher than standard (3" suspension lift, 3" tyre radius), and also make the vehicle 220mm wider (rim face to rim face measurement, tyre wall bulge is on top of this). The look is unbeatable and there is no standard 4*4 on the UK roads that sits bigger and wider.

With extensive modification to bodywork, this kit enables the fitment of -49 Offset Wheels and 35*12.5 Tyres for that unbeatable Arctic look.

  • For information on the modifications required, please see our blog, HERE
  • For more pictures of the finished vehicle, please see our blog, HERE

Kit is supplied in raw unfinished black fibreglass finish. This could be used in its natural state for offroad use, or skimmed, flattened and painted to perfection.

To paint, the kit will require substantial preparation work by a bodshop before painting, to flatten and fill, and to make perfect the fit against your vehicle, we estimate the preparation work to be in the order of 6 hours work - this is the time spent preparing the kit shown in the images in this listing. Unfinished fibreglass mouldings are characteristically not perfect, they have bubbles, holes, exposed cloth and imperfections, and these are very large components of 1.2m in length, hence the time required for preparation. The modification to the wings on the vehicle will result in every vehicles surface profile being slightly different, which is another preparation factor. Anyone without a creative eye and strong technical ability is not recommended to buy this kit or attempt to modifiy their vehicle.

To complete the modifciation to 35" you will need a lot of extra equipment which we just dont specialise in, all of this is listed in the blog page above.

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