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Braided Copper, Grounding Cable with RACO Clip
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Braided Copper, Grounding Cable with RACO Clip

  • Manufactured by Oilybits in our U.K. production facility.
  • Hi-Visibility PVC coating
  • 6mm2 copper, braided cable.
  • Choice of cable length.
  • Cable end terminals are fused with solder to prevent fraying, loosening, and contamination / corrosion of the cable, thereby ensuring a stable ground connection.
  • RACO, cast brass, 70mm grounding clip, with red handles.
  • 304 stainless steel nuts and bolts throughout, featuring Nyloc Nuts or Shake-proof Washers to prevent loosening, thereby ensuring a stable ground connection.
  • Nylon inner seal on vessel bolt, to prevent leakage of contents above the terminal. Oil resistant.
  • A superior product to that of our competition.

Shown Below - Soldered terminal end & nylon bolt seal.

Grounding Cable Specifications
Cable C.S. AreaCable MaterialTerminal MaterialRACO Clip MaterialSheath MaterialFixing MaterialSeal MaterialAssembly Weight
6mm2CopperTin Plated AluminiumCast BrassPVC304 Stainless Steel with Nylon Locking NutNylon, Natural190g (1m)
Commodity Codes

Download RACO Clip, Drawing PDFDownload RACO Clip, Drawing PDF

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