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Fill Rite, DC Pumps With Meter, ATEX Approved
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Fill-Rite DC Pumps with Meter, ATEX Approved

Top quality, rainproof, self-priming gear pumps with Explosion-Proof motors and Atex (EU) approval for use with Petrol. Can also be used with Diesel, Kerosene, Mineral Spirits, Heptane, Hexane

Features a 2" drum thread for connection to 205 Litre Drums, and a 1"NPT Inlet thread for fitting to an Adjustable Suction Tube


TWO Year Warranty

Avaiable in 12vDC, and 24vDC


  • European; CE, ATEX/Ex Cat. II2GcT6, Sira Certificate Number; Sira04ATEX1242X
Wetted Components
Pump Body Cast Iron
Impellor Case Cast Iron
Impellor Case Seal NBR
Motor Shaft Seal NBR
Vanes Bronze (5 No.)
Vane Springs Not Present
Rotor / Gear / Impellor Steel
Shaft Key / Nut Stainless Steel
Motor Shaft Stainless Steel
Bypass Valve Piston  
Bypass Valve Seal NBR
Bypass Valve Spring Stainless Steel
Voltage / Frequency 12vDC 24vDC
Amps 20 10
Duty Cycle 30 Min 30 Min
Cable Length Not Present Not Present
Bypass Valve Y/N Y Y
Max Flow 57 lpm @ 0 m head 57 lpm @ 0 m head
Discharge Pressure 0.82 Bar / 12 PSI 0.82 Bar / 12 PSI
Max Suction Lift (Dry) 2.1 m Petrol, 2.4 m Diesel 2.1 m Petrol, 2.4 m Diesel
Max Suction Lift (Wet)    
Inlet Fitting 1" NPT + 2" Drum Thread 1" NPT + 2" Drum Thread
Outlet Fitting 3/4" NPT 3/4" NPT
Max Particle Tolerance 100 Micron 100 Micron
Max Liquid Temp 40 Celcius 40 Celcius
Min Liquid Temp    
Max Room Temp 40 Celcius 40 Celcius
Min Room Temp    
Thermal Protection Y/N Y Y
Max Liquid Viscosity Diesel Diesel
Ingress Protection IP55 IP55

Download Fill Rite FR1210 & FR2410 - Manual PDFDownload Fill Rite FR1210 & FR2410 - Manual PDF

Download Fill Rite FR700 & FR701 - ATEX Certificate PDFDownload Fill Rite FR700 & FR701 - Atex Certificate PDF

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