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Grounding / Earthing Cable, Braided, Nickel-Plated Copper
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Grounding / Earthing Cable, Braided, Nickel-Plated Copper

Suitable for grouding of aircraft, vehicles, etc etc during fuelling operations.

Outer Coating MaterialNot Applicable
Outer Coating ColourNot Applicable
External Diameter4 mm
Copper Wire Cross Sectional Area / CSA6mm2
AMP Rating55A @ Ambient 35c & Conductor 70c
Max. Conductor Temp.105c
AMP Rating at Max. Conductor Temp of 105c65A @ Ambient 25c
58A @ Ambient 35c
53A @ Ambient 45c
Copper Wire TreatmentElectro Tin Plating to Nom.Th. 0.1 Micron, to EN13602
Copper Wire SpecificationAnnealed
Copper Content, Minimum %99.9%
Braid Formation43*8
Number of Wires344
Individual Wire Diamater0.15 mm
ClassificationEN-13602, Cu-ETP (C101)
Maximum Continuous LengthUnknown

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