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Fuel Sampler/Thief, Spot/Any Level , Self-Sealing (ALSB & ALSC)
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Fuel Sampler/Thief, Spot/Any Level , Self-Sealing (ALSB & ALSC)

These samplers will take truly representative samples of a liquid from any level within a tank or reservoir.

Thanks to their design and method of operating, these samplers take samples that are undiluted by the passage of the sampler through the liquid. They are suited to taking samples for quality, density, RVP, and appearance, for example.

The design ensures that the sampler remains upright during its descent through the liquid, and that the glass bottle is safeguarded against damage in the process.

The sampler stays sealed (and, therefore, empty) until it reaches the required depth, when the operator opens the top valve by a snatch on the cable. The sampler then fills, and a polypropylene ball, inside the sampler, re-seals the opening. The sampler stays sealed while the sampler is retrieved, and so the sample remains undisturbed until the operator removes the sample bottle.

The design of the self-sealing feature minimises the amount of liquid that overflows when the sampler is opened.

Bottles are supplied seperately, Winchester Bottles will come supplied with Black Polypropylene Caps with Polypropylene Cone Seals, for best resistance to most fuel types.

To DIN EN ISO 3170, for manual sampling of petroleum liquids.

ModelMaterialContainer TypeOverall Diameter (mm)Overall Length (mm)Inlet Diameter (mm)Weight (Kg)Minimum sampling height above bottom (mm)
ALSB 1/3/16Brass16oz Bottle76    
ALSB 2/3/16316 Stainless Steel16oz Bottle76    
ALSB 1/4/16Brass16oz Bottle102380 1.5 
ALSB 2/4/16316 Stainless Steel16oz Bottle102380 1.5 
ALSB 1/4/5Brass16oz & 500ml Winchester Bottle120390 1.7 
ALSB 2/4/5316 Stainless Steel16oz & 500ml Winchester Bottle120390 1.7 
ALSB 1/1LBrass16oz & 1000ml Winchester Bottle140420 2.2 
ALSB 2/1L316 Stainless Steel16oz & 1000ml Winchester Bottle140420 2.2 
ALSC 1002316 Stainless Steel1 Litre UKSGL Can - INCLUDED WITH SAMPLER76    
ALSC 2002316 Stainless Steel2 Litre UKSGL Can - INCLUDED WITH SAMPLER76    

Shown Below - ALSB 1/1L With 1L Schott-Duran Clear Glass Bottle

Shown Below - ALSB 2/1L With 1L Brown Glass Winchester Bottle

Shown Below, ALSC Sampler fitted with 1L UKSGL Can

For sample analysis of H.Res (Diesel Bug), bacteria, and fungi, Oilybits recommend Fuelstat Resinae Plus and Diesel Plus Fuel Test Kits, for information and to order please click the image below;

Commodity Codes
Sampling Vessels90328900
Winders / Winches84253900

Download Winchester Bottle, 0.5L Drawing PDFDownload Winchester Bottle, 0.5L Drawing PDF

Download Winchester Bottle, 1L Drawing PDFDownload Winchester Bottle, 1L Drawing PDF

Download Winchester Bottle, 2L Drawing PDFDownload Winchester Bottle, 2L Drawing PDF

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