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MMC Test Kits (Pack of 10) Phenethylamines (2C’s)
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MMC Test Kits (Pack of 10) Phenethylamines (2C’s)

This drug test is used for the presumptive identification of Phenethylamines (2C’s).

10 single tests per pack.

3 year lifespan from date of manufacture.

This test is able to detect:

2C-BYellow, changing to green, and then fading over time
2C-CYellow, changing to light green, and then fading over time
2C-DYellow-brown fading to reddish brown
2C-EDark Brown
2C-HDark Green
2C-IGreen-blue with yellow edges, fades to blue, fades over time
2C-PYellow-brown fading to Rusty Brown
2C-NDark brown with green edges
2C-T-2Black/dark purple fading to orangy-red
2C-T-4Black/dark purple fading to reddish-orange
2C-T-7Black/dark purple, fading slowly if at all.
DOBOlive Green to yellow
DOIDark Green
DOMYellow to Green
DOCYellow, changing to green. Slow to develop
25C-NBOMeYellow, slow.
25D-NBOMeBrown, maybe a hint of green
25I-NBOMeLight Brown to dark Brown

The MMC Narcotic Field Tests are designed to detect controlled substances, and are based on a new technology with many advantages over other tests available in the market today;

  • Very little liquid reagents
  • One step tests (one ampoule only)
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Acid neutralizers are not required
  • No environmental risks/concerns
  • Results within seconds
  • High reliability and consistency
  • Accurate and sensitive
  • Economic (low cost)
  • Easy to test liquid narcotics and precursors
  • No hazardous shipping concerns

Download Protocol Sheet PDFDownload Protocol Sheet PDF

Download Phenethylamines (2C’s) MSDS PDFDownload Phenethylamines (2C’s) MSDS PDF

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