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Oilybits Coolant / Cutting Fluid, Tramp Oil Separating & De-Odourising System
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Oilybits Coolant / Cutting Fluid, Tramp Oil Separating & De-Odourising System

Working Principle:

  1. A built-in Air Operated Diaphragm Pump sucks contaminated coolant from the CNC machines sump.
  2. Coolant flows through a stainless steel re-useable strainer.
  3. Coolant flows through a moulded honeycomb device made of a special non-lipophilic substance, where Tramp Oil is separated from Coolant by surface tension
  4. Separated Tramp Oil is collected in an external vessel (such as a jerrycan) and clean Coolant flows back to the CNC machines sump.
  5. An optional Ozone Generator (Models with Z Suffix) injects ozone into the coolant sump to control bacteria for disinfection and deodorisation.

Key Features of Tramp Oil Separating System:

  • No ongoing consumables cost
  • Improved product finish.
  • Reduced production / machine downtime.
  • Extended Coolant change period.
  • Reduced waste, and associated environmental impact.
  • Reduced cost of Coolant.
  • Reduced cost of storage and disposal of waste Coolant.
  • CE Approved.
  • Available in 110v50Hz1Ph, 230v50hz1ph and 400v50hz3ph.

Key Features of optional Ozone Generator, De-Odourising System:

  • No ongoing consumables cost (uses air & oxygen directly from the room)
  • Disinfection and De-odourisation of Coolant.
  • CE Approved.
  • Available in 110v50Hz1Ph, and 230v50hz1ph.
ModelVoltageDimensions (mm)Weight (Kg)Flow Rate (LPH)Ozone Capacity (g/hr)
CPSm 360230v50Hz1Ph250 x 500 x 85040360None
CPS 360400v50Hz3Ph250 x 500 x 85040360None
CPSm 360Z230v50Hz1Ph500 x 500 x 850703602
CPS 360Z400v50Hz3Ph500 x 500 x 850703602
CPSm 1200230v50Hz1Ph410 x 600 x 9501001200None
CPS 1200400v50Hz3Ph410 x 600 x 9501001200None
CPSm 1200Z230v50Hz1Ph810 x 600 x 95014012005
CPS 1200Z400v50Hz3Ph810 x 600 x 95014012005

Below: Front

Below: Rear

Below: Before & After

Below: Inside Ozone Generator, showing inlet air filter before air pump, which just needs brushing off occasionally, and Corona Discharge Tube, where ozone is created.

Download Ozone Generator Brochure PDFDownload Ozone Generator Brochure PDF

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