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Purolite PD206 Ion Exchange Resin, 50Kg Kegs
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Purolite PD206 Ion Exchange Resin, 50Kg Kegs


Packed in "Keg" qualtity of 50kg - 55.56 Litres

Purolite PD 206 is comparably expensive to other Ion Exchange Resins, however, it is worth noting that PD206 is supplied in dry form, unlike other resins which are supplied saturated, or part saturated, and is easier to use, as it does not require the fuel to be heated before processing, unlike lower cost industrial resins

You will require a "Resin Tower", a selection of which can be found HERE

To determine the size of the tower required for use with PD206 (in terms of the volume of the resin bed needed) simply half the intended flow rate. For example, to purify Bio Diesel at a rate of 200 lph, a bed volume of 100 litres would be required, so a tower of 200 litres maximum capacity could be required, as the resin needs 50% of the tower volume for expansion as it absorbs impurities

Purolite recommend the depth of the resin bed should be a minimum of 24 Inches, so a 48 Inch tower would be the most appropriate starting size, our 0735 & 0848 Towers being by far the most popular. It is understood that a tower of 48 inches in height is a sizeable item to accomodate and fairly costly, so 35 Inch towers are most common, however we recommend a 48 Inch tower if it is within budget and can be accomodated, this will provide the best single pass performance for your investment


PUROLITE® PD206 is a dry polishing media specifically formulated for removing by-products remaining after transesterification to produce biodiesel

PUROLITE® PD206 is designed for use in “purification” vessels installed after phase separation. Point of use can either be before demethylation to remove catalyst and glycerin and prevent back reactions or after demethylation as a “final” polishing step.This media may replace magnesium silicate “wash” and water wash. PUROLITE® PD206 improves plant productivity and lowers operation costs while enabling ASTM or EN specifications for B100 to be achieved

PUROLITE® PD206 has a long life before exhaustion. This life is dependent upon the point of installation in the biodiesel process and on the level of impurities in the untreated biodiesel

PUROLITE® PD206 functions both as a dehydrating (desiccant) media and as an ion exchange polishing media. As a desiccant PUROLITE® PD206 has a high loading capacity to absorb free glycerin. Trace methanol and water although being absorbed to a limited degree should be removed by stripping in the demethylation column. Additionally the exceptional exchange capacity removes residual catalyst, and salts that remains after phase separation

PUROLITE® PD206 is flowable both in the dry form and when exhausted, making it easy to handle during installation and removal from “purification” vessels. PUROLITE® PD206 is fully compatible for use in methyl ester and ethyl ester purification processes

PUROLITE® PD206 can be washed with methanol on site several time to maintain it's ability to remove glycerin. However it must be ionically regenerated to maintain the ability to remove trace catalyst and soaps. Consult your Purolite representative for availability and details

The actual life of PUROLITE® PD206 will vary depending on process designs and operating characteristic of methyl ester feed quality

Once PUROLITE® PD206 is ready for disposal, it should be disposed of in approved landfills or facilities according to local regulations. Check with your local waste management company for proper disposal instructions

Basic Features
ApplicationBio Diesel Purification
Polymer StructureGel polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene
AppearanceHard, Spherical Beads
Functional GroupSulfonic Acid
Ionic Form as ShippedH+
Physical & Chemical Characteristics
Moisture RetentionMax 3%
Specific Gravity1.20g / ml
Shipping WeightApprox 900g / 1 Litre
Temperature Limit (Stability)150 Celcius

Download Purolite PD206 - Loading & Commissioning PDFDownload Purolite PD206 - Loading & Commissioning PDF

Download Purolite PD206 - Industrial Vessel Size PDFDownload Purolite PD206 - Industrial Vessel Size PDF

Download Purolite PD206 - Methanol Washing PDFDownload Purolite PD206 - Methanol Washing PDF

Download Purolite PD206 - Regeneration PDFDownload Purolite PD206 - Regeneration PDF

Download Purolite PD206 - MSDS PDFDownload Purolite PD206 - MSDS PDF

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