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Schulke Grotamar 82 Biocide, 10 Litres
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Schulke Grotamar 82 Biocide


Preservative for modern B5* - B100* diesel fuel and heating oil.

Whether “diesel bug”, “fungus”, “bacteria” or “MBC” – infestation by microorganisms in diesel fuel has many names.

Whatever you call the phenomenon, it has a common cause. Free water in the diesel will enable the growth of bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Small amounts of water which form by condensation are sufficient to stimulate microbial growth in a fuel tank.

Today, “fossil” diesels are blended with environmentally friendly biodiesel. Biodiesel is good for the environment but also good for microbes. Biodiesels are a good source of nutrition for microbes and they promote the contamination of the fuel with water. Biodiesel is also less stable than “fossil” diesel and degrades with ageing leading to darkening and formation of solid deposits.

Microbes grow faster than ever, forming “biomass” and causing corrosion. The “biomass” clogs filters and leads to engine failure. This places the operating reliability and safety of the whole system at risk!

Notes regarding fuel duty:

Grotamar 71 was the original product, it is 99% active ingredient, has been used for many years by industry, it does not have UK fuel duty paid on it in advance so should only be used by oil companies where duty will be paid on the final volume of fuel.

Grotamar 82 is a blend of Grotamar 71 and proprietary additives specifically designed for modern fuels that contain BIO content.  It has the advantage that fuel duty has already been paid on it so can be used by end users of fuel.  It is based on the same active ingredient as Grotamar 71 (MBO) but has added properties due to its formulation.  It does not require substantial mixing with fuel to use it, it contains anti-oxidants to help preserve modern diesel fuels and it has metal pacifiers present to help prevent corrosion from occurring in the fuel system it is added to.

Grotamar at a glance:

  • Fast bactericide and fungicide efficacy (incl. sulphate-reducing bacteria)
  • Enhances anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties
  • Provides excellent long-term protection against microbial material degradation
  • Contains no organically bound chlorine (acc. 19. Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz**)
  • Excellent soluble in biodiesel, diesel fuel and heating oil with biogenic compounds
  • Improves storage stability of B5* - B20* diesel blends
  • Keeps the tank system clean
  • specifically developed for modern diesel fuels including low sulphur diesels and fuels containing biodiesel
  • New protective formula to prevent premature oil degradation caused by ageing
  • Fast and highly effective against bacteria, yeasts and moulds
  • Excellent long-term protection for fuel tank, pipes and engine
  • Excellent solubility and dispersion in all types of diesel fuels, heating oils (including B0-B20) and biodiesel
  • No corrosive combustion products
  • Effectively protects steel, aluminium, copper and other non-ferrous metals against corrosion

* Biodiesel amount in % blended in mineral oil diesel
** German Law on the Prevention of Emissions


(Follow application instructions):

Shock dosing:
Add 200 ml of grotamar® 82 per 200 L fuel or 1 L per 1000 L fuel

Add 200 ml of grotamar® 82 per 800 L fuel or 1 L per 4000 L fuel (1:4000)
Every time the tank is refilled

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