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20" Stainless Steel Heated Filter Housing, 24vDC Heating Element, 30c or 70c
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20" Stainless Steel Heated Filter Housing, 24vDC Heating Element, 30c or 70c

Heated fuel filters will greatly aid filter performance with modern road diesel, and red diesel, which both contain around 7-11% FAME. FAME is a mixed feedstock bio-fuel which is added to diesel, and the component feedstocks of FAME have different waxing temperatures, leading to the molecules of those particular component feedstocks, turning to solids, increasing in density (Specific Gravity), and falling out of the fuel, blocking fuel filters. Increasing the fuel filter temperature to 20c+ will melt away the settled and trapped wax molecules, and prevent further separation inside the filter, whilst the heater is working. The heater could be connected electrically in such a way that it works as a pre-heater, for example on the first turn of the key 'ACC', wait for it to warm, and then start the engine. Heated filters are also popular for heating viscous oils for other purposes, for example running engines or heaters on vegetable oil, or waste motor oil.

Element simply screws through 1/2"BSP bottom drain port by means of a socket, included in price

Please note, filter should be fed so that the fuel goes into the center of the element, this way it is heated before it passes through the element.

Supplied with 1x 1 Micron Filter Element. Replacement elements are specially made to be heat resistant, they are considerably more expensive than standard 20" water filter elements.

Nominal Filter Size20"
Port size1/2" BSP Female
Heating TemperatureThermostat, 30c OR 70c - Select from options
Max Vacuum-5 Bar
Max Pressure5 Bar
Pressure Drop0.1 Bar
MaterialAISI 304 Stainless Steel Throughout
Physical Size105mm Dia, Height TBC

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