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Atkinson Aluminium Locking Filler / Fill Point Cap, BSP
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Atkinson Aluminium Locking Fill Point Cap and Boss, BSP

2" BSP Female tank fitting boss terminating with 2" BSP Male outlet thread, Aluminium Cap, Hard Anodised Aluminium Boss, with rubber sealing ring inside cap

Locks by means of screwing the cap down, then inserting a padlock through the closest meeting pair of slots, there are 8 drilled holes in the boss so that the cap can be tightened to within 1/8th turn of its tightest point

Padlock is a YALE combination (9999) padlock, therefore the PIN can be supplied to your fuel company for ease of delivery, eliminating the risk of losing keys

Locks onto your filler point by means of a sheer screw which is tightened onto the existing filler thread and then sheers off flush with the surface of the boss preventing removal, even with hand tools

Some people comment on YouTube videos relating to this cap being broken off when twisted with a wrench/ bar - it is our belief that if a thief arrives with tools, it is better for them to be able to break the cap and steal the fuel, than break the tank, steal the fuel, and then leave you to replace the tank and the fuel. Caps which are completely impenetrable will usually result in the thief cutting a hole in the tank which must be avoided for the sake of the environment and your pocket.

Download Atkinson Locking Fill Point - Datasheet PDFDownload Atkinson Locking Fill Point - Datasheet PDF

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