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Atkinson Aluminium Locking Filler / Fill Point Cap, BSP
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Atkinson Aluminium Locking Fill Point Cap and Boss, BSP

Locking cap for an oil storage tank filler point. The bottom threaded ring goes over the 2" threaded outlet on your tank and is then secured by the brass shear screw. The top cap then lines up with the elbow locking tab and is secured further by a padlock (not supplied)

Fitting :- Screw on the locking ring first, Do not tighten the shear screw until you have then screwed on the cap and lined up the elbow locking tab, fit your padlock, then tighten the brass shear screw to until the head breaks off to secure the locking ring in place.   

Strong aluminium construction cap with a hardened steel locking elbow and a brass shear screw.

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