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Blue Spirit Petroleum Thermo-Hydrometers, ASTM Standards
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Blue Spirit Petroleum Thermo-Hydrometers, ASTM Standards

Blue Spirit ASTM E2995 Thermo-Hydrometers are quality precision instruments, manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the ASTM International, formerly known as the 'American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

The blue filling is non-toxic, and exhibits all the qualities of mercury without the attendant hazards and risks of contamination associated with mercury.

  • Clear Glass Front
  • White Glass Back
  • Engraved Scales
  • Built-In Thermometer -20 to +65°c, in increments of 1°c
  • Division: 0.5 Kg/m3
  • Accuracy: ±0.5 Kg/m3
  • Calbiration Temperature 15°c (Other calibration temperatures avaialble, but they are not supplied with a Certificate of Conformity)
  • Total length: 380 mm
  • Each scale is marked with; The Standards, The Temperature, The Surface Tension, The Individual Number, and The Serial Number
  • Each supplied with factory Certificate of Conformity
  • Individual plastic case
  • Made in France
S.G of common fuels at 15°c
Options Available
Range (Kg/m3)LengthMaximum DiameterSuitable ForASTM E2995, Serie
600-650 Kg/m3380 mm  S500HL-14
650-700 Kg/m3380 mm  S501HL-14
700-750 Kg/m3380 mm Avgas, PetrolS502HL-14
750-800 Kg/m3380 mm Illuminating Paraffin, KeroseneS503HL-14
775-825 Kg/m3380 mm Jet-A, Jet-A1S510HL-14
800-850 Kg/m3380 mm DieselS504HL-14
850-900 Kg/m3380 mm  S505HL-14
900-950 Kg/m3380 mm  S506HL-14
950-1000 Kg/m3380 mm  S507HL-14
1000-1050 Kg/m3380 mm  S508HL-14
10501100 Kg/m3380 mm  S509HL-14


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