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Blue Spirit Thermometer, to IP and ASTM Standards
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Blue Spirit Thermometers, to IP and ASTM Standards


Safety Blue IP & ASTM Thermometers are quality precision instruments, manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the Institute of Petroleum (IP) and jointly agreed with ASTM International, formerly known as the 'American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Refer page 20 of attached Zeal Brochure for options with safety blue spirit.

This scientific new development begins to address the increasing demand for specification thermometers to be supplied with a non-mercury filling. The unique safety blue filling is, as the name implies, non-toxic, and exhibits all the qualities of mercury without the attendant hazards and risks of contamination associated with mercury. Despite being used for specific tests, many will have uses on other applications as quality high precision thermometers.

  • Clear Glass Front
  • White Glass Back
  • Engraved Scales
  • Each supplied with factory Certificate of Conformity
  • UKAS Calibration Certificates are available at extra cost
  • Spirit thermometers are Air filled (Gallium thermometers are Nitrogen filled)
Options & Specifications (all products available to us)
Order CodeIP/ASTM ReferencePurposeRangeDivisionsAccuracyMax LengthImmersion
 ASTM E2251-14 S5CCloud and Pour-38 to +50°c1±0.5259 mm108 mm
L5000IP3CDemulsification-1 to +105°c0.5 265 mmTotal
L5001IP3FDemulsification+30 to 220°f1.0 265 mmTotal
L5002IP4CCrude Oil Distillation+4 to +360°c2.0 320 mmTotal
L5003IP8FFlushing-Case Low+30 to +110°f0.5 340 mm65 mm
L5004IP8CFlushing-Case Low0 to +45°c0.2 350 mm65 mm
L5005IP9FFlushing-Case Medium+100 to +180°f0.5 340 mm65 mm
L5006IP9CFlushing-Case Medium+40 to +85°c0.2 350 mm65 mm
L5007IP10C-+76 to +112°c0.2 340 mm65 mm
L5008IP10F-+170 to +250°f0.5 340 mm65 mm
 IP17C (See ASTM14C)      
 IP17F (See ASTM 14F)      
L5009IP22COxidation+195 to +205°c0.1 310 mm100 mm
L5010ABEL OILFor use with Abel equipment+10 to +65°c0.5 240 mm61 mm
L5011ABEL OILFor use with Abel equipment+50 to +150°f1.0 240 mm61 mm
L5012ABEL BATHFor use with Abel equipment+32 to +88°c0.5 240 mm89 mm
L5013ABEL BATHFor use with Abel equipment+90 to +190°f1.0 240 mm89 mm
 IP1C (See ASTM5C)      
L5014IP1F (See ASTM5F)Kinematic Viscosity 100°f+97.5 to +102.5°f0.1 290 mmTotal
 IP2C (See ASTM6C)      
 IP2F (See ASTM6F)      
L5015IP4FKinematic Viscosity 130°f+127 to +133°f0.1 290 mmTotal
 IP5C (See ASTM7C)      
 IP6C (See ASTM8C)      
L5016IP7CSludge+144 to +156°c0.2 280 mm100 mm
L5017IP8CPen & Duct+23 to +27°c0.1 270 mmTotal
 IP14C (See ASTM114C)      
 IP15C (See ASTM9C)      
 IP15F (See ASTM9F)      
 IP16C (See ASTM10C)      
 IP16F (See ASTM10F)      
 IP18C (See ASTM54C)      
 IP18F (See ASTM54F)      
 IP20C (See ASTM33C)      
 IP21C (See ASTM34C)      
 IP23C (See ASTM18C)      
 IP23C (See ASTM18F)      
 IP24C (See ASTM22C)      
 IP24F (See ASTM22F)      
 IP28C (See ASTM11C)      
 IP28F (See ASTM11F)      
 IP29C (See ASTM44C)      
 IP29F (See ASTM44F)      
 IP30C (See ASTM45C)      
 IP30F (See ASTM45F)      
 IP31C (See ASTM28C)      
 IP32C (See ASTM121C)      
 IP32F (See ASTM30F)      
 IP33C (See ASTM128C)      
 IP33F (See ASTM128F)      
 IP34C (See ASTM29C)      
 IP35C (See ASTM47C)      
 IP35F (See ASTM47F)      
 IP36C (See ASTM129C)      
 IP36F (See ASTM129F)      
L5018IP39CDensity-1 to +38°c0.1 450 mmTotal
L5019IP39FSpecific Gravity+30 to +100°f0.2 450 mmTotal
L5020IP40CDrop Point Low+20 to +120°c1.0 260 mm100 mm
L5021IP41CDrop Point High+100 to +230°c1.0 260 mm100 mm
L5022IP42CBreaking Point+38 to +30°c0.5 380 mm250 mm
L5023IP4*CF.P Cut Back (Int)+10 to +110°c0.5 315 mm61 mm
L5024IP4*FF.P Cut Back (Int)+50 to +230°f1.0 315 mm61 mm
L5025IP44CF.P Cut Back (Ext)+15 to +121°c0.5 315 mm88.9 mm
L5026IP44FF.P Cut Back (Ext)+60 to +250°f1.0 315 mm88.9 mm
L5027IP45CRefractometer+15 to +30°c0.2 170 mm22 mm
L5028IP46CWestphal Gravity Balance+14.5 to +21°c0.1 170 mmTotal
L5029IP46FWestphal Gravity Balance+58 to +70°f0.2 170 mmTotal
 IP47C (See ASTM13C)      
L5030IP48CTank Low-38 to +30°c0.5 315 mmTotal
L5031IP49FTank Medium0 to 100°f1.0 315 mmTotal
L5032IP49CTank Medium-15 to +40°c0.5 315 mmTotal
L5033IP50FTank High+50 to +150°f1.0 315 mmTotal
L5034IP50CTank High+10 to + 65°c0.5 315 mmTotal
L5035IP51FTank Heated Fuel+95 to +248°f1.0 315 mmTotal
L5036IP51CTank Heated Fuel+35 to +120°c0.5 315 mmTotal
L5037IP52FTank Bitumen+194 to +500°f1.0 315 mmTotal
L5038IP52CTank Bitumen+90 to +260°c1.0 315 mmTotal
L5039IP53FTank Cargo+32 to +176°f1.0 315 mmTotal
L5040IP53CTank Cargo0 to +80°c0.5 315 mmTotal
 IP59C (See ASTM35C)      
 IP60C (See ASTM15C)      
 IP61C (See ASTM16C)      
 IP62C (See ASTM2C)      
 IP62F (See ASTM2F)      
 IP63C (See ASTM61C)      
 IP63F (See ASTM61F)      
 IP64C (See ASTM12C)      
 IP64F (See ASTM12F)      
 IP65C (See ASTM43C)      
 IP65F (See ASTM43F)      
 IP66C (See ASTM46C)      
 IP66F (See ASTM46F)      
 IP67C (See ASTM72C)      
 IP67F (See ASTM72F)      
 IP68C (See ASTM73C)      
 IP68F (See ASTM73F)      
 IP69C (See ASTM74C)      
 IP69F (See ASTM74F)      
 IP71C (See ASTM126C)      
 IP71F (See ASTM126F)      
 IP72C (See ASTM71C)      
 IP72F (See ASTM71F)      
 IP73C (See ASTM3C)      
 IP73F (See ASTM3F)      
L5042IP74CAble Tester Oil Cup Wide Range-35 to +70°c0.5 320 mm61 mm
L5043IP74FAble Tester Oil Cup Wide Range+35 to +160°f1.0 320 mm61 mm
L5044IP75CAble Tester Water Bath Wide Range-30 to +80°c0.5 320 mm89 mm
L5045IP75FAble Tester Water Bath Wide Range-25 to +180°f1.0 320 mm89 mm
L5046IP76CEngler Viscosity+10 to +55°c0.5 250 mm93 mm
 IP77C (See ASTM37C)      
 IP78C (See ASTM38C)      
 IP79C (See ASTM39C)      
 IP80C (See ASTM40C)      
 IP81C (See ASTM41C)      
 IP82C (See ASTM42C)      
 IP83C (See ASTM102C)      
 IP84C (See ASTM103C)      
 IP85C (See ASTM104C)      
 IP86C (See ASTM105C)      
 IP87C (See ASTM106C)      
 IP88C (See ASTM107C)      
 IP89C (See ASTM113C)      
 IP89F (See ASTM113F)      
 IP90C (See ASTM48C)      
 IP90F (See ASTM48F)      
 IP92C (See ASTM120C)      
 IP93C (See ASTM110C)      
 IP94C (See ASTM122C)      
 IP95C (See ASTM123C)      
 IP96C (See ASTM124C)      
 IP97C (See ASTM125C)      
L5046/AIP98CRapid Flash High+100 to +300°c2.0 200 mm44 mm
 IP99C (See ASTM127C)      
L5048IP100CKinematic Viscosity +80°c+78.6 to +81.4°c0.05 290 mmTotal
L5047IP101CMedium Pensky Martens+20 to +150°c1.0 290 mm57 mm
 IP102C (See ASTM132C)      
L5100ASTM1CPartial Immersion-20 to +150°c1.0 327 mm76 mm
L5101ASTM1FPartial Immersion0 to +302°f2.0 327 mm76 mm
L5102ASTM2C/IP62CPartial Immersion-5 to +300°c1.0 395 mm76 mm
L5103ASTM2F/IP62FPartial Immersion+20 to +580°f2.0 395 mm76 mm
L5104ASTM3C/IP73CPartial Immersion-5 to +400°c1.0 420 mm76 mm
L5105ASTM3F/IP73FPartial Immersion+20 to +760°f2.0 420 mm76 mm
L5108ASTM5C/IP1CCloud & Pour-38 to +50°c1.0 235 mm108 mm
L5109ASTM5F/IP1FCloud & Pour-36 to +120°f2.0 235 mm108 mm
L5110ASTM6C/IP2CLow Cloud & Pour-80 to +20°c1.0 235 mm76 mm
L5111ASTM6F/IP2FLow Cloud & Pour-112 to +70°f2.0 235 mm76 mm
L5112ASTM7C/IP5CLow Distillation-2 to +300°c1.0 390 mmTotal
L5113ASTM7FLow Distillation+30 to +580°f2.0 390 mmTotal
L5114ASMT8C/IP6CHigh Distillation-2 to +400°c1.0 390 mmTotal
L5115ASTM8FHigh Distillation+30 to +760°f2.0 390 mmTotal
L5116ASTM9C/IP15CPensky - Martens Low-5 to +110°c0.5 295 mm57 mm
L5117ASTM9F/IP15FPensky - Martens Low+20 to +230°f1.0 295 mm57 mm
L5118ASTM10C/IP16CPensky - Martens High+90 to +370°c2.0 295 mm57 mm
L5119ASTM10F/IP16FPensky - Martens High+200 to +700°f5.0 295 mm57 mm
L5120ASTM11C/IP28CCleveland Open Flash-6 to +400°c2.0 15 mm25 mm
L5121ASTM11F/IP28FCleveland Open Flash+20 to +760°f5.0 15 mm25 mm
L5122ASTM12C/IP64CDensity Wide Range-20 to +102°c0.2 425 mmTotal
L5123ASTM12F/IP64FDensity Wide Range-5 to +215°f0.5 425 mmTotal
L5124ASTM13C/IP47CLoss on Heating+155 to +170°c0.5 160 mmTotal
L5125ASTM14C/IP17CWax Melting Point+38 to +82°c0.1 380 mm79 mm
L5126ASTM14F/IP17FWax Melting Point+100 to +180°f0.2 380 mm79 mm
L5127ASTM15C/IP60CLow Softening Point-2 to +80°c0.2 400 mmTotal
L5128ASTM15FLow Softening Point+30 to +180°f0.5 400 mmTotal
L5129ASTM16C/IP61CHigh Softening Point+30 to +200°c0.5 400 mmTotal
L5130ASTM16FHigh Softening Point+85 to +392°f1.0 400 mmTotal
L5131ASTM17CSaybolt Viscosity+19 to +27°c0.1 280 mmTotal
L5132ASTM17FSaybolt Viscosity+66 to +80°f0.2 280 mmTotal
L5133ASTM18C/IP23CSaybolt Viscosity+34 to +42°c0.1 280 mmTotal
L5134ASTM18F/IP23FSaybolt Viscosity+94 to +108°f0.2 280 mmTotal
L5135ASTM19CSaybolt Viscosity+49 to +57°c0.1 280 mmTotal
L5136ASTM19FSaybolt Viscosity+120 to +134°f0.2 280 mmTotal
L5137ASTM20CSaybolt Viscosity+57 to +65°c0.1 280 mmTotal
L5138ASTM20FSaybolt Viscosity+134 to +148°f0.2 280 mmTotal
L5139ASTM21CSaybolt Viscosity+79 to +87°c0.1 280 mmTotal
L5140ASTM21FSaybolt Viscosity+174 to +188°f0.2 280 mmTotal
L5141ASTM22C/IP24COxidation Stability+95 to +103°c0.1±0.1280 mmTotal
L5142ASTM22F/IP24FOxidation Stability+204 to +218°f0.2 280 mmTotal
L5143ASTM23CEngler Viscosity+18 to +28°c0.2 217 mm90 mm
L5144ASTM24CEngler Viscosity+39 to +54°c0.2 242 mm90 mm
L5145ASTM25CEngler Viscosity+95 to +105°c0.2 217 mm90 mm
L5146ASTM26CStability Test of Soluble Nitrocellulose+130 to +140°c0.1 468 mmTotal
L5147ASTM27CTurpentine Distillation+147 to +182°c0.5 306 mm76 mm
L5148ASTM28C/IP31CKinematic Viscosity+36.6 to +39.4°c0.05 310 mmTotal
L5149ASTM28FKinematic Viscosity+97.5 to +102.5°f0.1 310 mmTotal
L5150ASTM29C/IP34CKinematic Viscosity+52.6 to +55.4°c0.05 305 mmTotal
L5151ASTM29FKinematic Viscosity+127.5 to +132.5°f0.1 305 mmTotal
L5152ASTM30F/IP32FKinematic Viscosity+207.5 to +212.5°f0.1 310 mmTotal
L5153ASTM33C/IP20CLow Aniline Point-38 to +42°c0.2 425 mm50 mm
L5154ASTM33F/IP20FLow Aniline Point-36.5 to +107.5°f0.5 425 mm50 mm
L5155ASTM34C/IP21CMedium Aniline Point+25 to +105°c0.2 425 mm50 mm
L5156ASTM34F/IP21FMedium Aniline Point+77 to +221°f0.5 425 mm50 mm
L5157ASTM35C/IP59CHigh Aniline Point+90 to +170°c0.2 425 mm50 mm
L5158ASTM35F/IP59FHigh Aniline Point+194 to +338°f0.5 425 mm50 mm
L5159ASTM36CTiter Test-2 to +68°c0.2 410 mm45 mm
L5160ASTM37C/IP77CSolvents Distillation-2 to +52°c0.2 400 mm100 mm
L5161ASTM38C/IP78CSolvents Distillation+24 to +78°c0.2 400 mm100 mm
L5162ASTM39C/IP79CSolvents Distillation+48 to +102°c0.2 400 mm100 mm
L5163ASTM40C/IP80CSolvents Distillation+72 to +126°c0.2 400 mm100 mm
L5164ASTM41C/IP81CSolvents Distillation+98 to +152°c0.2 400 mm100 mm
L5165ASTM42C/IP82CSolvents Distillation+95 to +255°c0.5 400 mm100 mm
L5166ASTM43C/IP65CKinematic Viscosity Low-51.6 to -34°c0.1 425 mmTotal
L5167ASTM43F/IP65FKinematic Viscosity Low-61 to -29°f0.2 425 mmTotal
L5168ASTM44C/IP29CKinematic Viscosity+18.5 to +21.5°c0.05 310 mmTotal
L5169ASTM44F/IP29FKinematic Viscosity+66.5 to +71.5°f0.1 310 mmTotal
L5170ASTM45C/IP30CKinematic Viscosity+23.6 to +26.4°c0.05 310 mmTotal
L5171ASTM45F/IP30FKinematic Viscosity+74.5 to +79.5°f0.1 310 mmTotal
L5172ASTM46C/IP66CKinematic Viscosity+48.6 to +51.4°c0.05 310 mmTotal
L5173ASTM46F/IP66FKinematic Viscosity+119.5 to +124.5°f0.1 310 mmTotal
L5174ASTM47C/IP35CKinematic Viscosity+58.6 to +61.4°c0.05 310 mmTotal
L5175ASTM47F/IP35FKinematic Viscosity+137.5 to +142.5°f0.1 310 mmTotal
L5176ASTM48C/IP90CKinematic Viscosity+80.6 to +83.4°c0.05 310 mmTotal
L5177ASTM48F/IP90FKinematic Viscosity+177.5 to 182.5°f0.1 310 mmTotal
L5178ASTM49CStormer Viscosity+20 to +70°c0.2 310 mm65 mm
L5179ASTM50FGas Calorimeter Inlet+54 to +101°f0.1 47 mmTotal
L5180ASTM51FGas Calorimeter Outlet+69 to 116°f0.1 47 mmTotal
L5181ASTM52CButadeine Boiling Point-10 to +5°c0.1 167 mmTotal
L5182ASTM54C/IP18CCongealing Point+20.6 to +100°c0.2 15 mmTotal
L5183ASTM54F/IP18FCongealing Point+68 to +213°f0.5 15 mmTotal
L5184ASTM56CBomb Calorimeter+19 to +35°c0.02±0.1600 mmTotal
L5185ASTM56FBomb Calorimeter+66 to +95°f0.05 600 mmTotal
L5186ASTM57CTag Closed Tester Low Range+20 to +50°c0.5 292 mm57 mm
L5187ASTM57FTag Closed Tester Low Range-4 to +122°f1.0 292 mm57 mm
L5188ASTM58CTank-34 to +49°c0.5±0.3305 mmTotal
L6189ASTM58FTank-30 to +120°f1.0 305 mmTotal
L5190ASTM59CTank Refill Medium-18 to +82°c0.5±0.3305 mmTotal
L5191ASTM59FTank Refill Medium0 to +180°f1.0 305 mmTotal
L5192ASTM60CTank+77 to +260°c1.0 305 mmTotal
L5193ASTM60FTank+170 to +500°f2.0 305 mmTotal
L5194ASTM61C/IP63CPetrolatum Melting Point+32 to +127°c0.2 85 mm79 mm
L5195ASTM61F/IP63FPetrolatum Melting Poin+90 to +260°f0.5 85 mm79 mm
L5196ASTM62CPrecision-38 to +2°c0.1±0.184 mmTotal
L5197ASTM62FPrecision-36 to +35°f0.2 84 mmTotal
L5198ASTM63CPrecision-8 to +32°c0.1±0.184 mmTotal
L5199ASTM63FPrecision+18 to +89°f0.2 84 mmTotal
L5200ASTM64CPrecision+25 to +55°c0.1±0.184 mmTotal
L5201ASTM64FPrecision+77 to +131°f0.2 84 mmTotal
L5202ASTM65CPrecision+50 to +80°c0.1±0.184 mmTotal
L5203ASTM65FPrecision+122 to +176°f0.2 84 mmTotal
L5204ASTM66CPrecision+75 to +105°c0.1±0.184 mmTotal
L5205ASTM66FPrecision+167 to +121°f0.2 84 mmTotal
L5206ASTM67CPrecision+95 to +155°c0.2±0.284 mmTotal
L5207ASTM67FPrecision+203 to +311°f0.5 84 mmTotal
L5208ASTM68CPrecision+145 to +205°c0.2 84 mmTotal
L5209ASTM68FPrecision+293 to +401°f0.5 84 mmTotal
L5210ASTM69CPrecision+195 to +305°c0.5 84 mmTotal
L5211ASTM69FPrecision+383 to +581°f1.0 84 mmTotal
L5212ASTM70CPrecision+295 to 405°c0.5 84 mmTotal
L5213ASTM70FPrecision+563 to +761°f1.0 84 mmTotal
L5214ASTM71C/IP72COil in Wax-37 to +21°c0.5 360 mm76 mm
L5215ASTM71F/IP72FOil in Wax-35 to +70°f1.0 360 mm76 mm
L5216ASTM72C/IP67CKinematic Viscosity-19.4 to -16.6°c0.05 305 mmTotal
L5217ASTM72F/IP67FKinematic Viscosity-2.5 to +2.5°f0.1 305 mmTotal
L5218ASTM73C/IP68CKinematic Viscosity-41.4 to +38.6°c0.05 310 mmTotal
L5219ASTM73F/IP68FKinematic Viscosity-42.5 to -37.5°f0.1 310 mmTotal
L5220ASTM74C/IP69CKinematic Viscosity-55.4 to -52.6°c0.05 310 mmTotal
L5221ASTM74F/IP69FKinematic Viscosity-67.5 to -62.5°f0.1 310 mmTotal
L5222ASTM75FAntifreeze Freezing Point-35 to +35°f0.5 41 mm100 mm
L5223ASTM76FAntifreeze Freezing Point-65 to +5°f0.5 41 mm100 mm
L5224ASTM77FSaybolt Viscosity+245 to +265°f0.5 280 mmTotal
L5225ASTM78FSaybolt Viscosity+295 to +315°f0.5 280 mmTotal
L5226ASTM79FSaybolt Viscosity+345 to +365°f0.5 280 mmTotal
L5227ASTM80FSaybolt Viscosity+395 to +415 °f0.5 280 mmTotal
L5228ASTM81FSaybolt Viscosity+445 to +465°f0.5 280 mmTotal
L5229ASTM82CFuel Rating, Engine-15 to +105°c1.0 165 mm30 mm
L5230ASTM82FFuel Rating, Engine0 to +220°f2.0 165 mm30 mm
L5231ASTM8*CFuel Rating, Air+15 to +70°c1.0 174 mm40 mm
L5232ASTM8*FFuel Rating, Air+60 to +160°f1.0 174 mm40 mm
L5233ASTM84CFuel Rating, Orifice Tank+20 to +80°c1.0 87 mm249 mm
L5234ASTM84FFuel Rating, Orifice Tank+75 to +175°f1.0 87 mm249 mm
L5235ASTM85CFuel Rating, Surge+40 to +150°c1.0 14 mm181 mm
L5236ASTM85FFuel Rating, Surge+100 to +300°f2.0 14 mm181 mm
L5237ASTM86CFuel Rating, Mix+95 to +175°c1.0 170 mm5 mm
L5238ASTM86FFuel Rating, Mix+200 to +350°f2.0 170 mm5 mm
L5239ASTM87CFuel Rating, Coolant+150 to +205°c1.0 175 mm40 mm
L5240ASTM87FFuel Rating, Coolant+300 to +400°f1.0 175 mm40 mm
L5241ASTM88CVegetable Oil Flash+10 to +200°c1.0 292 mm57 mm
L5242ASTM88FVegetable Oil Flash+50 to +392°f2.0 292 mm57 mm
L5243ASTM89CSolidification Point-20 to +10°c0.1 75 mm76 mm
L5244ASTM90CSolidification Point0 to +30°c0.1 75 mm76 mm
L5245ASTM91CSolidification Point+20 to +50°c0.1±0.175 mm76 mm
L5246ASTM92CSolidification Point+40 to +70°c0.1 75 mm76 mm
L5247ASTM93CSolidification Point+60 to +90°c0.1 75 mm76 mm
L5248ASTM94CSolidification Point+80 to +110°c0.1 75 mm76 mm
L5249ASTM95CSolidification Point+100 to +130°c0.1 75 mm76 mm
L5250ASTM96CSolidification Point+120 to +150°c0.1 75 mm76 mm
L5251ASTM97CTank-18 to +49°c0.5 305 mmTotal
L5252ASTM97FTank0 to +120°f1.0 305 mmTotal
L5253ASTM98CTank+16 to 82°c0.5 305 mmTotal
L5254ASTM98FTank+60 to +180°f1.0 305 mmTotal
L5255CASTM99CWeathering Test-50 to +5°c0.2 305 mm5 mm
L5255ASTM99FWeathering Test-55 to +40°f0.5 305 mm5 mm
L5256ASTM100CSolidification Point+145 to +205°c0.2 75 mm76 mm
L5257ASTM101CSolidification Point+195 to +305°c0.5 75 mm76 mm
L5258ASTM102C/IP83CSolvents Distillation+123 to +177°c0.2 400 mm100 mm
L5259ASTM103C/IP84CSolvents Distillation+148 to +202°c0.2 400 mm100 mm
L5260ASTM104C/IP85CSolvents Distillation+173 to +227°c0.2 400 mm100 mm
L5261ASTM105C/IP86CSolvents Distillation+198 to +252°c0.2 400 mm100 mm
L5262ASTM106C/IP87CSolvents Distillation+223 to +277°c0.2 400 mm100 mm
L5263ASTM107C/IP88CSolvents Distillation+248 to +302°c0.2 400 mm100 mm
L5264ASTM108FSaybolt Viscosity+270 to +290°f0.5 280 mmTotal
L5265ASTM109FSaybolt Viscosity+320 to +340°f0.5 280 mmTotal
L5266ASTM110C/IP93CKinematic Viscosity+133.6 to +136.4°c0.05 310 mmTotal
L5267ASTM110FKinematic Viscosity+272.5 to +277.5°f0.1 310 mmTotal
L5268ASTM111CTar Acids Distillation+170 to +250°c0.2 400 mm100 mm
L5269ASTM112CSolidification Point, Benzene+4 to +6°c0.02 220 mmTotal
L5270ASTM113C/IP89CSoftening Point, Bitumen, Wide Range-1 to +175°c0.5 410 mmTotal
L5271ASTM113F/IP89FSoftening Point, Bitumen, Wide Range+30 to +350°f1.0 410 mmTotal
L5272ASTM114C/IP14CAviation Fuel Freezing Point-80 to +20°c0.5 305 mmTotal
L5273ASTM116CBomb Calorimeter+18.9 to +25.1°c0.01 614 mmTotal
L5274ASTM117CBomb Calorimeter+23.9 to +30.1°c0.01 614 mmTotal
L5275ASTM118CKinematic Viscosity+28.6 to +31.4°c0.05 310 mmTotal
L5276ASTM118FKinematic Viscosity+83.5 to +88.5°f0.05 310 mmTotal
L5277ASTM119CAntifreeze Freezing Point-38.3 to -30°c0.1 425 mm100 mm
L5278ASTM119FAntifreeze FreezingPoint-37 to -22°f0.2 425 mm100 mm
L5279ASTM120C/IP92CKinematic Viscosity+38.5 to +41.5°c0.05±0.1310 mmTotal
L5280ASTM121C/IP32CKinematic Viscosity+98.5 to +101.5°c0.05 310 mmTotal
L5281ASTM122C/IP94CBrookfield Viscosity-45 to -35°c0.1 300 mmTotal
L5282ASTM123C/IP95CBrookfield Viscosity-35 to -25°c0.1 300 mmTotal
L5283ASTM124C/IP96CBrookfield Viscosity-25 to -15°c0.1 300 mmTotal
L5284ASTM125C/IP97CBrookfield Viscosity-15 to -5°c0.1 300 mmTotal
L5285ASTM126C/IP71CKinematic Viscosity-27.4 to -24.6°c0.05 305 mmTotal
L5286ASTM126F/IP71FKinematic Viscosity-17.5 to -12.5°f0.1 305 mmTotal
L5287ASTM127C/IP99CKinematic Viscosity-21.4 to -18.6°c0.05 305 mmTotal
L5288ASTM128C/IP33CKinematic Viscosity-1.4 to +1.4°c0.05 305 mmTotal
L5289ASTM128F/IP33FKinematic Viscosity+29.5 to +34.5°f0.1 305 mmTotal
L5290ASTM129C/IP36CKinematic Viscosity+91.6 to +94.4°c0.05 305 mmTotal
L5291ASTM129F/IP36FKinematic Viscosity+197.5 to +202.5°f0.1 305 mmTotal
L5292ASTM130CTank-7 to +105°c0.5±0.5305 mmTotal
L5293ASTM130FTank+20 to +220°f1.0 305 mmTotal
L5049ASTM132C/IP102CKinematic Viscosity+148.6 to +151.4°c0.05 305 mmTotal
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