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Capillary Thermometer / Temperature Gauge, Stainless Steel Case, Front Flange
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Capillary Thermometer, With Stainless Steel Case and Front Flange

A durable, reliable, and very accurate Capillary Thermometer with 316 Stainless Steel Case

These thermometers do not require any power, so are ideal for mounting in locations where power is not available, is not reliable, or is scarce. The Capillary is supplied permanently fitted to the gauge, and is run to an area where the temperature needs to be monitored, the Dial can then be mounted remotely

The phial can be taped, tied, or glued to any surface, there is also a "Phial Pocket" available which can be screwed into a vessel so that the phial measures the temperature of the liquid around the Phial Pocket

Featuring a 3-screw front flange for flush mounting through a panel

Nominal Size60 mm, 80 mm, or 100 mm (Nominal)
RangeTemp Option A = -40°C to +40°C
Temp Option B = 0°C to +120°C
Temp Option C = 0°C to +350°C
Scales°C Only (Black) for 0 to 120°C & 0 to +350°C ranges
°C Only (Red/Blue) for -40 to +40°C range
Case304 Stainless Steel
Capillary MaterialCopper;
PVC Sheathed for -40 to +40°C & 0 to 120°C ranges
Copper Braided Sheath for 0 to +350°C
Capillary Length1500 mm
Bulb MaterialBrass
Bulb Length25 mm
Bulb Diameter6.5 mm for 0 to 120°C & 0 to +350°C ranges
8.5 mm for -40 to +40°C range
OPTIONALPocket Material (Brass 50mm Pocket Supplied as standard)Brass or Copper
OPTIONALPocket Length50 mm or 100 mm (Including Hex)
OPTIONALPocket Diameter (Internal)10 mm
OPTIONALPocket Diameter (External)12.5 mm
OPTIONALPocket ThreadBSPT (BSP Taper Male)
WindowInstrument Glass
Dial LegendStoved Enamel on Aluminium
MovementPrecision Bi-Metal Spiral
AccuracyEC Class 2 (UNI EN 13190:2003); ±3.0% Full Range
Ingress ProtectionIP 40 as per EN 60529

Also available FOR 0-120°c GAUGES ONLY (Shown Below) is a Brass, or Stainless Steel 304/316 Thermowell / Pocket. These can be useful if the bulb on the thermometer needs to enter pipework - the pocket is 50mm or 100mm long beyond the 1/2"BSP male thread, and these can be fitted through the branch in a 3/4" tee piece, these can be selected in the options below

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