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Diesel Dipper, Water and Sludge Removal System, 12vDC
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Diesel Dipper, Water and Sludge Removal System, 12vDC

Sucking from the very bottom of the tank, independent of the engine running the Diesel Dipper will scour all water and sludge from the bottom of the tank below the fuel suction. When the boat is underway with the water and sludge sloshing about it will suck up everything leaving the tank bottom clean and dry.

What is it?
The Diesel Dippers’ primary objective is to remove water from the very bottom of diesel tanks below the fuel suction in Yachts and pleasure boats thereby eliminating or preventing Diesel Bug and engine failures.

Why is it new?
The Diesel Dipper is the only product available on the market that will suck from the floor/bottom of a fuel tank BELOW the fuel suction as it has no filters that can get blocked. There are no consumable filters to purchase.

Who is it for?
All pleasure boat owners in offshore, inshore or inland water ways. It can be used on any size tank.

Why have it?
Water is by far the single most destructive contaminant in a diesel tank very often leading to Diesel Bug.Water collects in tanks from condensation, the supplier or leaking fittings. Many boats do not have a drain plug to remove the water which cumulatively builds up over time. The water creates a habitat for Diesel Bug, accelerates fuel degradation and reduces lubricity, all of which can lead to engine breakdown. Left unchecked it results in acidic sludge that further accelerates degradation and quickly blocks filters.

In short remove the water and you remove the problems.

How does it work?
The Diesel Dipper is a self-contained system independent of the engine. Permanently installed and fitted with a 12 volt pump it sucks from the very bottom of the tank, below the fuel suction. Water and sludge lying on the bottom of the tank is drawn up into a “tank separator” (Patent Pending) where it separates from the diesel and collects on the bottom. This accumulated water and sludge is then periodically drained off into a container. The clean Diesel exits the top of the Separator and flows through a 40 micron washable stainless steel filter before returning to the top of the tank via a tee in the fuel return line.

Used whilst the boat is under way any water or sludge that is sloshing about on the bottom of the tank will eventually be drawn into the Diesel Dipper leaving the bottom of the tank completely clean.

Many yachts and boats do not have a drain plug at the bottom of the tank to connect the Diesel Dipper. To facilitate this the manufacturer also supply an inexpensive “Dip Tube” for use with the Diesel Dipper. The Dip Tube is a plate with a compression fitting that fixes to the top of the tank allowing a pipe to pass through to the bottom of the tank. The Diesel Dipper then sucks from the top of this pipe.

When should it be used?
Once all the sludge in the tank has been removed. The Manufacturer advise the Diesel Dipper should be used at least once a week preferably when underway. On sailing yachts it can be interfaced with the engine so it is running when the engine is running.

Market Research:
Following research it was found that 75% of boat owners have experienced problems with Diesel Bug or know someone who has. Many owners have used a tank cleaning service but with limited results, often because there are no inspections hatched fitted and almost all marine tanks have baffles inside the tanks so it is impossible to clean behind. 

Additional information:
Using the Diesel Dipper in combination with fuel additives, the boat owner will achieve an effective on board fuel management system eliminating Diesel Bug and prolonging the life of the diesel in the tank resulting in much improved engine reliability. Such is the problem of inferior diesel some engine manufacturers are now refusing warranty claims on engines citing the fuel quality did not meet their specification. Using the Dipper with additives will guarantee fuel is kept in good condition.


  • 12v, DC
  • 30 watts
  • 5A fuse protection
  • Suction lift 2.5 metres
  • Weight 3kg
  • Dimensions: 440mm (H) x 185mm (D) x 150mm (W)
  • 3/8 BSP fittings with 10mm Hose Tails (Supplied)
  • Dip tubes and hose available seperately
  • Can be mounted anywhere reasonably close to the tank.
  • Fixing is by 4 off M8 Bolts

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