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Emco-Wheaton TODO-Matic, Dry Break Couplings, ATEX Approved
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Emco-Wheaton TODO-Matic, Dry Break Couplings, ATEX Approved

Compatiable with all other brands of NATO STANAG 3756 couplings.

In sizes from 1" to 6" and a wide range of material options, TODO-MATIC® Dry-Break® couplings offer advanced fluid handling solutions for a diverse range of industries and applications;

  • Road / Rail tanker loading / discharge
  • IsO retro & new build
  • IBC containers
  • Offshore rig supply
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Vapour Recovery
  • Ship to shore / ship / rig transfer
  • Ship manifold exchange
  • Bulk loading / discharge
  • Paints & inks
  • Marine refuelling
  • Bitumen transfer
  • Brewery
  • Food feedstock
  • Hazardous waste transfer
  • Aviation bunkering
  • Exchange manifolds
  • Blending pits
  • Rail locomotive refuelling
  • Tank top / bottom loading

How it works

Turning the hose unit 15° clockwise locks the units together. The valves are still closed and are not opened until a further rotation of 90° has been performed and then the product flow is guaranteed. To close the valve and to unlock the units, reverse the procedure.

  • Valves open and close automatically on connection and disconnection.
  • Simple single action operation, no levers or switches to operate.
  • Valves are guaranteed closed prior to disconnection.
  • Minimal residual loss on disconnection (e.g. maximum 0.35cc for 2" DN50).
  • Will connect and disconnect under pressure and flow where necessary.
  • Extremely reliable, very few moving parts.
  • Robust construction, no external operational components.
  • Available with selectivity system to prevent cross contamination.
  • Reduces spillages to virtually zero.
  • Dramatically improves both operational and fugitive emission performance.
  • Reduces the possibility of human error in transfer operations.
  • Improves efficiency.

Virtually zero spillage

With more than 30 years of experience in the transportation of oil, gas and hazardous chemicals, TODO is exceptionally proud of the TODO-MATIC range of DRY-BREAK couplers. Trusted around the world to transfer highly valuable and aggressive products in the most testing conditions for loading and off-loading from road or rail, offshore rig supply, ship to shore transfer and more, TODO-MATIC sets the standard for the industry.

Higher profit margins and safety credentials are assured with the TODO-MATIC range’s minimal residual loss of product on disconnection and spillage of virtually zero. Less product leakage means more product delivered to your customers and more money for your organisation.

TODO-MATIC couplers are extremely reliable, with very few moving parts and require little operator intervention which reduces the risk of human error. Customers enjoy dramatically improved operational and fugitive emission performance as well as peace of mind that all products meet the highest safety standards including European directives 97/23/EC (PED) and 94/9/EC (ATEX).

1" TODO-MATIC DRY-BREAK (DN19 - DN32, Ø56 mm)

  • Specifically designed for small bore applications
  • One-handed operation
  • High flow rate
  • Minimal release on disconnection
  • Additional option of selectivity to prevent product cross-contamination

Pictured Below, TODO-Matic Dry-Break 1":

2" TODO-MATIC DRY-BREAK (DN40 - DN50, Ø70 mm)

  • Suitable for diverse range of applications
  • Available in range of materials and con gurations
  • Provides rapid, safe transfer

Pictured Below, TODO-Matic Dry-Break 2":


  • Ideal for road tanker and aviation applications
  • Suitable to transfer a variety of liquids and vapours
  • Strong integral swivel
  • Ergonomic design
  • Rugged construction

Pictured Below, TODO-Matic Dry-Break 2.5":


  • Typically used for rail and road loading/discharge
  • Tough construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • High flow rate
  • Zero spillage
  • The natural choice for N.A.T.O refuelling standardisation

Pictured Below, TODO-Matic Dry-Break 3":

4" TODO-MATIC DRY-BREAK (DN100, Ø164 mm)

  • The most compact, lightweight high flow 4" self-sealing coupling system on the market

Applications include:

  • Off-shore ship to rig transfer of fuels and drinking water
  • Aviation fuel bunkering
  • Rail tank loading/discharge
  • Chemical transfer
  • Rapid connection and disconnection

Pictured Below, TODO-Matic Dry-Break 4":


  • Ideal for ship or barge to shore connection
  • Significantly faster transfer than any  ange coupling
  • Environmental standards compliance
  • Provides real turn-around time savings
  • Rotating lifting loop as standard

Pictured Below, TODO-Matic Dry-Break 6":

Dust plugs and dust caps

  • Prevent ingress of dirt and water
  • Sizes: 1" – 6"
  • Available in: Stainless steel, brass/gunmetal, aluminium and rubber

Pictured Below, TODO-Matic Dust Caps & Plugs:

Download TODO-Matic Dry Break Couplings, PDFDownload TODO-Matic Dry Break Couplings PDF

Download TODO-Matic Dry Break Couplings, Technical Information PDFDownload TODO-Matic Dry Break Couplings, Technical Information PDF

Download TODO-Matic Dry Break Couplings, ATEX ID Plate PDFDownload TODO-Matic Dry Break Couplings, ATEX ID Plate PDF

Download TODO-Matic Dry Break Couplings, Pressure Tight Cap PDFDownload TODO-Matic Dry Break Couplings, Pressure Tight Cap PDF

Download TODO-Matic Dry Break Couplings, DN20 1Download TODO-Matic Dry Break Couplings, DN20 1" Tank Unit - Drawing PDF

Download TODO-Matic Dry Break Couplings, DN25 1Download TODO-Matic Dry Break Couplings, DN25 1" Tank Unit - Drawing PDF

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