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Mikalor Super W1, High-Torque Hose Clamps, BZP Carbon Steel
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Mikalor Super W1, High-Torque Hose Clamps, BZP Carbon Steel

Mikalor was the first company to design and produce a heavy-duty hose clamp, and since then the Super clamp has gone from strength to strength.

The high strength 8.8 grade steel nut and T-bolt mean that Super can be tightened up hard using many different kinds of tools, while the beveled edges protect the hose from harm.

The Super clamp is in its element in agricultural applications, waste water extraction, mining, quarrying or in other sectors where a rugged yet competitively priced heavy-duty clamp is required.

The maximum application pressure can vary depending on the type of hose used and the geometry of the coupling.

Patented Worldwide

Due to the small range of adjustment on these clamps it is important that you find the correct OD of your tube (including the stretching caused by fitting over a hose spigot) and buy the correct size of clamp.

Bright Zinc Plated Carbon Steel.

Part Number Commonly used for hose ID of:
SC 17-19  
SC 20-22  
SC 23-25  
SC 26-28  
SC 29-31  
SC 32-35  
SC 36-39  
SC 40-43  
SC 44-47  
SC 48-51  
SC 52-55  
SC 56-59  
SC 60-63  
SC 64-67  
SC 68-73  
SC 74-79  
SC 80-85  
SC 86-91  
SC 92-97  
SC 98-103  
SC 104-112  
SC 113-121  
SC 122-130  
SC 131-139  
SC 140-148  
SC 149-161  
SC 162-174  
SC 175-187  
SC 188-200  
SC 201-213  
SC 214-226  
SC 227-239  
SC 240-252  


Download Mikalor Super W1 - Datasheet PDFDownload Mikalor Super W1 - Datasheet PDF

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