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Goldenrod Water-Block, Bio-Flow and Particulate Filters
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Goldenrod Water-Block, Bio-Flow and Particulate Filters

RECOMMENDED - OPTIONAL SPANNER - Bowl can leak unless tightened properly

Produced by the Dutton-Lainson Company U.S.A.

Goldenrod Filters are superb quality Fuel Filters with inexpensive replacement elements, a transparent, amber tinted polycarbonate bowl to aid visual inspection of the filter whilst protecting the element and fuel from UV damage, and a reverse threaded water-drain plug to release any free water that settles to the bottom of the bowl. Water removal is facilitated by 2 means, first is gravitational separation of free water into the bottom of the bowl, and the second is by the 496-5 Water-Block Filter Element, which is impregnated with a water-absorbing polymer which absorbs and traps permanently any water that comes into contact with it. To see what the polymer does please take a look at the image in THIS listing

Available with a 470-5 Particulate-Only Flter, a 471-5 Bio-Flow Particulate-Only Flter, a 496-5 Water & Particulate Filter more commonly known as a Water-Block Filter, or 40/80 Micron Stainless Steel Mesh Filter

Suitable for most fuels, including Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene, and Bio Fuels. The filter instructions state that the 470-5 and 496-5 filters can only be used with B20 Biodiesel, this is due to the standard Nitrile Seal not being resitant to B100 biodiesel in long term use, however, each new element comes with a new seal, so use with B100 is not a problem as long as you change the filter regularly. OR... the 471-5 Bio-Flow filter does have suitable seals from the outset, but it does not remove water.

Other features of the 471-5 Bio-Flow complete housing & element are as follows:

  • Nickel plated top cap (compared to zinc on the standard)
  • Gasket made from high temperature resisting rubber compound (stops swelling)
  • Stainless steel element components

Unlike cheaper patterns of this popular filter, the Goldenrod filter has elements manufactured from electrically conductive, graphite reinforced PP, this ensures that the filter element, and all of its components, are fully grounded to the filter head (and connecting pipework) to prevent any risk of static discharge / ignition. Cheaper replacement elements are not manufactured in the same way and so we do not recommend that other manufacturers elements are used when filtering Petrol.

Optional Filter Spanner to aid removal and refitting of the filter bowl

Filter Housing & Element Options
Description Goldenrod Part Number Micron Rating
Complete Housing, with Particle Filter 470-1 10
Filter Element only - Particulate 470-5 10
Complete Housing, with Waterblock Filter 496-1 15
Filter Element only - Waterblock 496-5 15
Bio-Flow Complete Housing, with Particle Filter 471-1 10
Bio-Flow Filter Element only - Particulate 471-5 10
316 Stainless Steel Strainer 40 Mesh 470-15 40 Mesh / 381 Micron
316 Stainless Steel Strainer 80 Mesh 470-16 80 Mesh / 178 Micron
Inlet / Outlet Threads   G1" BSP Female
Gravity Flow Max - USING 470-5 PARTICLE ELEMENT 19.25 lpm
Gravity Flow Max - USING 496-5 WATER BLOCK ELEMENT 19.25 lpm
Gravity Flow Max - USING 471-5 BIO-FLOW PARTICLE ELEMENT 19.25 lpm
Gravity Flow Max - USING 40 MESH STRAINER Unknown, Greater than 20 lpm
Gravity Flow Max - USING 80 MESH STRAINER Unknown, Greater than 20 lpm
Max Pressure 10.3 Bar / 150 PSI
Housing Physical Size (External) 9.5" High x 4" Diameter
Description Goldenrod Part Number Notes
Goldenrod Filter Wrench 491  
Goldenrod Replacement Bowl 495-4  
Goldenrod Replacement Head, 3/4" NPT, Zinc 471-3/4  
Goldenrod Replacement Head, 3/4" NPT, Nickle 471-3/4N  
Goldenrod Replacement Head, 1"BSP, Zinc 471  
Gasket   NBR / Nitrile / Buna-N

When replacing elements in filter housings with screw-on bowls we always recommend the use of Silicon O Ring Grease to aid tightening of the bowl, preventing pinching & scuffing and thus prolonging the life of the O Ring

Download Goldenrod Water Block Filter - Instructions PDFDownload Goldenrod Water Block Filter - Instructions PDF

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