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Flange Nut, Bolt & Washer Sets, A2, 304 Stainless Steel
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Flange Nut, Bolt & Washer Sets, A2, 304 Stainless Steel

Complete sets of metric fasteners comprising:

  • Hex Bolts, length satisfactory to bolt together 2 identical flanges, with a standard 3mm Gasket between faces.
  • Nyloc Nuts (Max. 121°c)
  • Washers, Light, Form B, except for M10 & M12 where we use Heavy Washer (D=2.5*Bore) Form C. (2 washers per bolt)

For high-temperature applications, we could alternatively supply Shakeproof Washers, and Standard Nuts, upon request.

For specific details on the number or bolts per flange and bolt diameter, refer to our Flange Tables.

Bolt Set Specifications
Flange Bolt SetBolt SizeBolt LengthWasher ThicknessNumber of Bolts
ANSI/ASA 150, 0.5"M14601.54
ANSI/ASA 150, 0.75"M14601.54
ANSI/ASA 150, 1"M14601.54
ANSI/ASA 150, 1.25"M14601.54
ANSI/ASA 150, 1.5"M14601.54
ANSI/ASA 150, 10"M22TBC212
ANSI/ASA 150, 2"M167524
ANSI/ASA 150, 2.5"M167524
ANSI/ASA 150, 3"M167524
ANSI/ASA 150, 4"M167528
ANSI/ASA 150, 5"M2010028
ANSI/ASA 150, 6"M2010028
ANSI/ASA 150, 8"M2010028
ANSI/ASA 300, 0.5"M14601.54
ANSI/ASA 300, 0.75"M167524
ANSI/ASA 300, 1"M167524
ANSI/ASA 300, 1.25"M167524
ANSI/ASA 300, 1.5"M2010024
ANSI/ASA 300, 2"M167528
ANSI/ASA 300, 2.5"M2010028
ANSI/ASA 300, 3"M2010028
ANSI/ASA 300, 4"M2010028
ANSI/ASA 300, 5"M2010028
ANSI/ASA 300, 6"M20100212
ANSI/ASA 300, 8"M22TBC212
PN16, 0.5"M126024
PN16, 0.75"M126024
PN16, 1"M126024
PN16, 1.25"M167524
PN16, 1.5"M167524
PN16, 10"M24TBC2.512
PN16, 2"M167524
PN16, 2.5"M167524
PN16, 3"M167528
PN16, 4"M167528
PN16, 5"M167528
PN16, 6"M2010028
PN16, 8"M20100212
PN25/PN40, 4"M2010028
PN25/PN40, 5"M24TBC2.58
PN25/PN40, 6"M24TBC2.58
PN6, 0.5"M105024
PN6, 0.75"M105024
PN6, 1"M105024
PN6, 1.25"M126024
PN6, 1.5"M126024
PN6, 2"M126024
PN6, 2.5"M126024
PN6, 3"M167524
PN6, 4"M167524
PN6, 5"M167528
PN6, 6"M167528
PN6, 8"M16TBC28
Table D&E, 0.5"M14601.54
Table D&E, 0.75"M14601.54
Table D&E, 1"M14601.54
Table D&E, 1.25"M14601.54
Table D&E, 1.5"M14601.54
Table D&E, 2"M167524
Table D&E, 2.5"M167524
Table D, 3"M16TBC24
Table E, 3"M16TBC28
Table D, 4"M167524
Table E, 4"M16TBC28
Table D&E, 5"M167528
Table D, 6"M167528
Table E, 6"M20TBC28
Table D, 8"M167528
Table E, 8"M20TBC28
Customs Tariff Code
Nuts, Bolts Washers; of Stainless Steel7318121090

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