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Zuwa Zumpe, Flexible Impeller Pumps, Motor Driven (Aluminium), ATEX Approved
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Zuwa Zumpe, Flexible Impeller Pumps, Motor Driven, ATEX Approved

2021 - Zuwa have imposed a Minimum Order Value, so we are now unable to supply Zuwa products below the combined value of, currently, 650.00 GBP.

With Cat 2 ATEX Approved motor, for use in Zone 1 Explosive Atmospheres. Please note it is only the motor which is ATEX approved, not the pump itself, therefore they should only be used for pumping of liquids with a flashpoint of 55°+

Featuring an Aluminium impeller case, and Aluminium end closure, these pumps are designed for liquids which are not chemically agressive to Aluminium, and are non-abrasive. Also available with Stainless Steel impellor case with Aluminium end closure for liquids that are mildly abrasive, or a fully Stainless impeller housing for liquids corrosive to Aluminium, and Foodstuffs

These Top Quality, extremely durable Flexible-Impeller pumps are excellent for pumping viscous liquids which have a particulate content, for example Waste Engine Oil, Waste Cutting Oil, Waste Lubricating Oil, Waste Vegetable Oil, and Waste Glycerine (Subject to selection of the correct impeller material for chemical compatibility). The motors supplied with these pumps are Continuous Duty rated, and will go on and on

The Flexible Impeller itself is made from either NBR, Viton, Neoprene, or EPDM, Viton being a rubber which is chemically resistant to liquids of many types including the above mentioned liquids. The impeller blades flex as particle matter passes between them and the pump housing, this prevents damage to the impeller and promotes long life of the pump. NBR is suitable for conventional diesel and motor oils only

These pumps are especially popular with producers of Bio Fuels, who require pumps which can suck up Waste Oil from a storage bin / tank and dispense it into a drum or other vessel for removal from site

Available in 230vAC 50Hz only

ATEX Motor Specification; AREMO II2G Exd IIC T4 IP55 Ta40°C IC411 CLF

Female Threaded Hose Tails can be found at the links below;

Not all options are listed - for further information or assistance in selecting the right pump, please email us or give us a call!

Impeller Maximum Operating Temperatures
MaterialMaximum Operating Temperature
Desmopan (TPU)60°c
Flow Rate30 lpm @ 2900 RPM60 lpm @ 2900 RPM
Suction Head Max (Dry) Using NBR Impellor3m3m
Suction Head Max (Wet) Using NBR Impellor7m7m
Outlet Pressure Max @ 2900 RPM5 Bar5 Bar
Liquid Temperature MaxDependent on Impeller SelectionDependent on Impeller Selection
Inlet Fitting3/4" BSP Male1" BSP Male
Outlet Fitting3/4" BSP Male1" BSP Male
Motor Specifications
VoltageRPM2000-A kW2000-B KwIP RatingATEX Rating
230vAC29000.370.55IP 55II2G Exd IIC T4 Ta40°C IC411 CLF
Wetted Components
HousingAluminium; Al Mg Si 1
CoverAluminium; Al Mg Si 1
ShaftStainless Steel; 1.4104
ImpellerNBR, Viton, Neoprene or EPDM
Shaft SealNBR, Viton, Neoprene or EPDM
Impeller Case & Cover SealNBR, Viton, Neoprene or EPDM

Shown Below; Optional Pump Carrier;

A pump carrier serves to protect the motor from ingress of liquids that may be corrosive to the pump shaft seal, if the seal is compromised, the liquid will leak out of the pump, and out through the carrier into a drip tray / absorption mat, instead of entering the motor winding's, destroying the motor. The pump carrier does not enable the pump to be run at higher temperatures, becauSe the temperature is limited to 90°c by the rubber impeller inside it.


Performance Curve - 2000-A

Performance Curve - 2000-B

Download ATEX Certificate PDFDownload ATEX Certificate PDF

Download 2000-A Dimensional Drawing PDFDownload 2000-A Dimensional Drawing PDF

Download 2000-B Dimensional Drawing PDFDownload 2000-B Dimensional Drawing PDF

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