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UKSGL Free Water Finding Rule (IP M14)
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UKSGL Free Water Finding Rule (IP M14)

Whenever there is a need to measure the thickness of a layer of water, underneath crude oil or heavy fuel in storage, the UK Sampling Gauges Ltd, IP M14 Free Water Finding Rules are ideal for the task.

The rules are manufactured using brass and plastic (acrylic) material, to give the transparency needed to read the depth of water, without the risk of static electricity build-up. The rules carry engraved depth markings, accurate to +/- 0,1 mm.

The rules are designed for use with a graduated dip tape, and proprietary Water Finding Paste. A thin layer of the paste is applied to the grooved side of the rule. The rule is then lowered through the liquid, to touch the bottom of the storage vessel. After a short time, depending on the type of oil or fuel present, the rule is withdrawn. The smooth, calibrated, side is then wiped clear of oil, and the depth of the free water determined by observing the discoloration of the paste against the graduations.

The rules meet the requirements of (IP M14) standard, and each is supplied with a calibration certificate..

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