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Fuel Sampler/Thief, All-Level Running (Down Only) (RNS)
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Fuel Sampler/Thief, All-Level Running (Down Only) (RNS)

This All-level Sampler has been developed to take accurate samples of the entire contents of a tank. It collects liquid from the tank continuously as it moves downwards through the liquid from top to bottom. The sampler has a special valve to allow liquid to enter only while the sampler is moving downwards. The valve closes if the descent of the sampler is interrupted for any reason, and it remains closed while the sampler is withdrawn from the tank.

The sampler also has a new (patent applied for) design feature to ensure that the rate of filling is constant during operation, independent of both the depth of the sampler and the extent of filling. The top of the tube acts as a level indicator to check that the sampler is 70% - 80% full after sampling. These features together simplify the operator’s task in taking an accurate sample.

The main image shows the RNS 502 D (Decanting) sampler in which the sample is simply emptied through the top cap. An alternative version is available, the RNS 502 S (Self-Sealing), with a self-sealing top cap, to meet the need for samples (of light fuels, for example) to be sent for analysis without any loss of “light ends.”

The sampler can be dismantled by hand for cleaning, as the photograph shows.

RNS 502 D

Different inlet probe sizes are available, so that the sampler can be used to sample a wide range of liquid densities and viscosities, and tank depths, within practical time limits. These probes can be interchanged easily by the operator on-site.

To DIN EN ISO 3170, for manual sampling of petroleum liquids.

Model Material Capacity (ml) Overall Diameter (mm) Overall Length (mm) Inlet Diameter (mm) Weight (Kg) Minimum sampling height above bottom (mm)
RNS 252 S 316 Stainless Steel 250 38 400      
RNS 402 D 316 Stainless Steel 400 38 550      
RNS 402 S 316 Stainless Steel 400 38 550      
RNS 502 D 316 Stainless Steel 500 45 550      
RNS 1002 316 Stainless Steel 1000   570      
RNS 1076 316 Stainless Steel 1000   350      

Samplers can either be lowered with a specialised hand-winch, for smooth and clean operation, or, more crudely, with a length of cotton rope, cotton is used because it is chemically resistant to all fuels, any also fibre that enters the fuel will not harm it, what with fuel filters being made from cotton fibre also. Rope can be found in the options below, priced per metre. Hand Winches can be found by clicking the image below:

For sample analysis of H.Res (Diesel Bug), bacteria, and fungi, Oilybits recommend Fuelstat Resinae Plus and Diesel Plus Fuel Test Kits, for information and to order please click the image below;

Commodity Codes
Sampling Vessels 90328900
Winders / Winches 84253900
Rope 56070000

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